You can't have nothing in this world because of f&%^in criminals

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by GATOR98GT, Apr 10, 2004.

  1. Sorry to hear about that :( i hate people that steal. Hope tomorrow turns out better for you. :)
  2. how about holding a stakeout with a BB gun or something? people like that should be shipped out of the US. ship them to one of those country's that cut your fingers off for stealing, stone you to death, etc......
  3. I believe its over in europe that they have a device so that when the door is opened that a metal pole with a garage door spring on it under the car springs out and breaks the thiefs ankles. They also have one with flame throwers on each side.
  4. your lucky the car still runs, a friend of mine has his project car inthe back of his shop and some punk kids stole the SUPERCHARGER, UPPER/LOWER INTAKE, FUEL RAILS, JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING OFF THE TOP END OF THE CAR. at least 7,000 in parts!!!! He was furious!! The car is one of the those white lx conv. with white wheels and white leather to see something like that happen!! :notnice:
  5. Have it set up like bond's lotus in for your eyes only try to break in car blows up.

  6. Not to point fingers but your the one that left your car alone w/ some dumb ass, yeah its his fault but why on gods green earth would you let some hick be in your car reving the crap out of it while your over in the office? You could have told them its fine to see if the car starts just so that they are coverd but you did not have to let him do it. You could have made that clear from the start.
  7. Good point, but his jacket was in the car! Would hate for those idiots to get a hold of a gun.
  8. Pages you when your alarm goes off. A beeper for a car alarm.

    This works EXTREMELY well when you shut off your siren. The theif thinks that there is no alarm so keeps going on about his business and isn't scared off. (sirens usually scare people off and don't give you enough time to get out to your car)
    Then you are paged and it gives you a chance to catch them in the act with your 357..... :owned:
  9. The problem is even if you catch a criminal in the act, you have no right to touch them or you can be sued for all of your belongings.

    Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this picture.

    Why don't we make a new amendment that states if you are in the process of ill-manner act's, you give up all rights.
  10. so in the past 3 years, what has changed?
  11. I am installing a paging alarm in my car as soon as I get home. There are some kids in my neighborhood that I don't trust.
  12. i would rather have that happen then what happen to me 6500 doller paint job and some punks in the appartment building beside me had a party and my **** got keyed i moved my car and parked to cars on both sides of it i could not even drive the way it was parked and they keyed my hood and back hatch still don't know who did it