You can't make this stuff up

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  1. Not to gross anyone out but...

    While driving home tonight, this freakin toyota crosses in front of me and the passenger sticks his body/head out of the window and throws up.

    Now, I'll give you only 1 guess where you think this vomit ended up.

    Thank God, the car wash near my house was still open.

    Ok, now go ahead and laugh
  2. i would of commenced to chase him down and beat him, then took a big ol' **** on the hood of their car
  3. Dude, you should have puke'd right back at him.
  4. Would have been tough at 70mph
  5. thats funny...sorry :)
  6. Too bad you didn't have a dash cam... :rlaugh:
  7. Good thing you weren't driving a vert with the top down :p.
  8. Thats a big WTF. Did it look like he did it on purpose? (jackass movie type of ****) I mean can you tell lol? Did he smile or anything.. or wtf did you run into it?
  9. ahahahaha sry man
  10. hahahahahah :rlaugh:
  11. My 03 Gt is a vert and nope it wasn't down.

    Believe it or not, I don't think he did it on purpose, but then again they crossed over from the 3rd lane to the
    exit real fast.