You can't polish a turd, but you can paint it black

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  1. Gave my POS DD a nice crappy rattle can paint job today.

    Behold... "Black Betty" as my girlfriend has named it.


    No, it doesn't even look as good as you think it might's the low quality phone camera and shadows making it look more than it does. BUT, believe me it's 1k times better than the crappy yellowed white that it was before this, and at least now the rust is kinda shadowed.

    On a side note though, i would love to have a mint condition black Bronco II just like mine.
  2. you can shine a turd, but at the end of the day, all you have is a shiney turd
  3. ha looks good for a rattle can job...
  4. It would have looked much better....BUT, we started running low in paint so we had to take a quick drive to the store. In that short amount of time, my buddy's 6 year old decided he'd grab a can and help out by painting his name as HEAVY as you can paint it down the side of my truck :mad:

    So now there are runs like crazy all through the driver's side. I might sand it down some and repaint it in spots...but really i don't know if i care that It's an awesome running truck and i like it a lot but i'm not really too worried about the looks.

    I do really really want to get a nice clean rust free Bronco II in 2wd, slam it to the ground and really stiffen up the suspension, and put a 302 and 8.8 in it and make a road racing Bronco II....i think it would be sick.
  5. By the way, here's how it looked before....dark blue hood, tan hatch...rust everywhere and ugly red stripes :notnice:


    Even crappy black is better than all that.
  6. I would have just done the hood white
  7. Cool turd.
  8. you painted it satin black:(

  9. See that's the's really gloss black. That's how horrible it is :rlaugh: We started out with flat black, and i had a can of gloss for the wheels. I got curious and did a panel in gloss and it turned out really really good...but then when we went over all the spots that were already flat black, it just went to $hit. The wheels look pretty good though and i've got 2 beauty rings for them, i'm working on getting another 2 to match and they'll look pretty good.

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  11. It's really not much different than that :(

    You can't see it for the shadows and quality of the pic but that whole side is run city. At least the rust is hidden though :nice:
  12. So now i guess i need to do a poll....what style accents does it need? Flames? Racing stripes? Skulls?

    I was thinking a big Punisher skull on the hood or something.
  13. racing stripes and a 12" cowl scoop FTW

  14. 12 inch cowl huh? Damn that would just about reach the
  15. For the grammer impared :rolleyes:
  16. Slayer on the hood!!!
  17. Not a bad idea....i could whip up some Slayer text real easy.
  18. on the side(s)
  19. Hey, now ... I am the KING of Turd Polishers! :D

    ...and I painted my turd black, too. :nice: