You decide which is better?

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  1. I am having a tough time deciding which hood inserts to use on my Saleen clone car. I have the original inserts that have been painted yellow same time as car with black plastic mesh. I purchased some green inserts painted them black semi flat same as hood in center. I think it looks good either way. Your votes will decide which ones I use.

    Pic's below
    Link: clone 1995/?action=view&current=67cd689c.pbw

  2. yellow. it flows much better.
  3. +1
  4. stay black
  5. kinda diggin the black to be honest
    but either one will look good in my opinion
    i dont think you can go wrong, how hard are they to change out. Keep em both and change them depending on your mood if its easy, i have to hoods that i will be gettin painted with my car, so i can swap when i get bored with one.
  6. Well I only have 1 set of the inner mesh pieces, as a matter of fact if you have to remove them be carefull they break off the plastic tangs very easily as I did to one side already, had to glue it back in. I like the looks of the black but do not think it will be a look I will like long term so I think the yellows will go for now & I can always change them out later.