You do this to a Chevy, not a Cobra

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  1. The link doesn't work for me. But I'm guessing the Cobra owner put one of these on the car? chevyd2.jpg
  2. linky no worky
  3. drive it into a ditch and throw matches??
  4. you mean do it to a honda :flag:
  5. yeah what he said ^^^

    even a chevy doesnt deserve that.
  6. I don't understand what twisted person could spend money to do that to their car and think it looks awesome in the process???
  7. Well, I think it is the paint job. The R splitter and wing can look ok if the car is a diff color... Such as Torch Red...

    I wish I could get to the actual sale so I could look at the engine and the interior but apparently that site does not want people to be able to shop...
  8. $55,000 for that. :jaw:
  9. 55,000 CANDIAN that is like $150,000 US dollars...
  10. :stick:
  11. :eek: :jaw:
  12. Actually its $50,644 and some change. I wouldn't give them more than $5000 for that and thats just because its a Terminator. Its twice as ugly as crap.
  13. That's what happens when you cross Rice and Nascar... Poor car. What did it ever do to deserve this :(
  14. I was making a joke but in ten years my exchange rate will be correct.
  15. Will we have any currency in 10 years?
  16. +1