You ever get tired while waxing and give up?

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  1. Yeah me niether, so worth the lovelyness. I used Poorboy's paste wax and Zymol formula wax. I saw a fly land on my car and he slid off:nice:


    Laser Red FTW:drool:
    :eek: CobraRed_96GT made a thread and has pix on the 1st page???:eek:

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  2. Zymol will kick your azz :(

    Trust me I know...

    Looks great!
  3. oh, and on my hood pic, those are clouds from the sky's reflection:nice:
  4. yea ive gotten tired of waxing but never give up. Especially 2 weeks ago i clay barred the car and then i put on some cleaner wax next and then some meguiars tech wax on top of that. The car is so smooth now I think it added like 20 more hp. so if you include the borla sticker under the hood i think im around 400 now.
  5. thanks! Yes, yes i know. My right arm thinks i've waching porno's all day
  6. I hear you. I read the Zymol bottle and it said just do a small area at a time.

    After using it I know why. I applied it to my whole car and I seriously was not sure I would be able to get it all off. My arm felt like jelly by the time I was done.

    Old school paste waxes require much more elbow grease than the new tech waxes do...
  7. but Zymol does do a damn good job, just use it conservatively. Also w/ Zymol i tend to find places i missed like a week later, so i carry a towel w/ me.
  8. Oh, I agree I love Zymol. I only use it about once a year, I use Turtle Wax Color Cure Tech Wax most of the time. The Color Cure hides scratches and comes off real easy.
  9. porter cable 7424 :nice:

    great work, your one of the lucky ones with a quality paint job from ford. I have some serious orange peel.

    Did you use nattys blue?
  10. I use this for scratches, it's what detail shops use - gotta put it on w/ the aerodynamics of the car tho not in circles, then wipe w/ a microweave cloth.

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  11. yup
  12. I double waxed With Wolfgang Deep Gloss sealant and now washed today.... its looks like SEX

    goning out to take pics now...will post tommorow
  13. Nope, I used to do a few cars a day..

    good money.
  14. that looks tits man! I wish my laser red still looked like that :(
  15. You zymol guys, are you finding the real ZYMOL stuff? If the bottle says chicago on the back, then its just turtlewax in a zymol bottle..
  16. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :nice: :nice: :hail2: :hail2:
  17. Your car looks very nice and glossy. :nice:
    I use Meguiar's Gold Class liquid wax on my cars
    and they always turn out wonderful!
    I say how could you not wax your car. :D
  18. yeah, i have it shipped to my house. Pretty expensive stuff
  19. I know this is irrelivant but I love your side exhuast. I was wondering how visible the cat back system is tho forom a distance. Also what kind of tips are those and how much did it cost? thanks.
  20. Not irrelivant at all, i appreciate the admiration. From a distance you can't see the actual bend unless your looking from a low angle then you may see the 90 degree bend and my high flow cats. They are Magnaflow dual wall rolled oval tips on each side - the cat-back itself just has a 3inch 2 1/2 peice connecting the x-pipe to the small maganflow barrel resonator then the bend to the side. Costed me about $280 to buy the parts from maganflow and the pipes, then weld it all together.