You got to see this Turbo Fox Body!

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  1. Shot some pictures of my friends Mustang. It is been a long time coming to see this beast all together, shaking the windows off the buildings, scaring elderly people and children!






    The car was at the Campbell Ford show two weeks a go. Ended up winning best of show.

    Don't be fooled, this is no trailer queen, just this past weekend the car ran a 9.04 @ 165 mph at Napierville Dragway and this was with only 2.0 60 foots, there was a problem with the car which has now been addressed. This thing will most likely do a 7 second 1/4 mile pass this year!

    To see the rest of the pictures click here
  2. looks like a very well built clean race car, any specs on it? what size is the motor/turbo? what trans is in it
  3. There is all the info on the link posted, and more pictures too!

    The turbo is from what I remember a Precision GT47
  4. beautiful car.
  5. 383 with an 88mm turbo. looks like an outlaw radial car but i would assume you would be running a 106mm :Shrug:
  6. outlaw radial cars are basically running pro mod motors these days, that setup wouldnt even hang with the 275 radial class
  7. After looking at the pics, here are two things I like about the car:

    1. Stock steering wheel!

    2. The rear axle is a 8.8- Lots of people think you need a 9inch for durability, but 8.8s can be built up to be just as bomb proof. :nice:
  8. one word: ddddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmnnnnnnnnn :D
  9. Yeah theres still a few guys running odd set-ups but like you said its hard hangin with a promod motor with set of 88mm's. Id love to get back to another outlaw race this year at some point, probaly shooting for the NMRA Finals again.

    Ive gotten pretty into the pure street class lately and i actually know Steve Gifford personally and hang out with his son quite a bit. some of their tricks and techniques are pretty crazy. I mostly just drool on the garage floor to be honest.
  10. I like that a lot too. Some guys ride on the idea of "9" or nothing" and to some degree thats true (especially for camaro owners but they can blame chevy for the ****ty 7.5) but 8.8s can do the job just fine if you do it right. My friends 9 sec car is running a beefed up 8.8 and it takes a beating no problem, its nice to see someone running much faster times on a similar rear.
  11. That car = tits.

    No wait, that car > tits
  12. Amazing car and amazing photos. Can I post the link on another site?
  13. Offcourse you can, feel free to post it where ever you'd like.

  14. That car is absolutely gorgeous! It looks sinister just sitting there. Thanks for sharing! :nice: