You gotta love stangnets new advertising!

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  1. I was posting in a thread and what do I see? Some tig ol bitties lookin back at me.. :nice: :hail2:

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  2. YES!!! its better than that beeping one that sounds like an old 80's pager
  3. I dislike that beeping one very much.
  4. yeah i feel you on that one
  5. the beeping one is driving me nuts
  6. That seems to be the general consensus on those beeping ads. I hope the Stangnet Gods can/will take some action to remove or block those stupid things - they're as bad as those obnoxious "Save Brad Pitt from the Paparazzi" and "Swat the Mosquito" game ads. :notnice:

    Oh, and bewbies is kewl. :drool:
  7. +1
  8. I'll take two.
  9. Where are you guys getting these ads? Are they at the bottom right above the quick reply box? I never see anything like that, and have never had any ads with sound. Maybe because I have a modified hosts file?
  10. I remember a stangnet w/OUT obnoxious ads. Oh how I long for those days.
  11. I hate anything that beeps at me. :mad:

  12. I'd like to know too.

  13. I clicked on that jpg a few times thinkin' it would play. Damn yous droptop :fuss:
  14. They're banner ads that appear at the top of the page in the Dark Blue style layout. They're "you're the 1,000,000th visitor! Click here for your prize!" crap and beep constantly in two different tones. I've actually shut off my sound so I don't have to listen to them. :mad:
  15. I really need more 'intel' to know what ads that could be causing this. We are very strict about the ads we allow on the site. I also have yet to see/hear. Not doubting you guys... do a screen shot or let me know the landing page so I can figure out what is being delivered.

  16. I am quite positive that I have my sound on and never have heard these beeping ads. What gives?
  17. the beeping ads drive me crazy :nonono:
  18. K I tweaked the network ad provider and lemme know if you continue to have issues. Alot of ads are served from a 3rd party and we do not know when annoying ads like these start popping up unless users alert us. I changed some settings so hopefully no more of them appear.

  19. I just reloaded the page about 50 times to see if the super anoying one would pop up and it didn't so Im pretty sure you fixt it
  20. Man that would rock if that gets rid of that stupid beeping one. I can't stand that one. :notnice: