You GOTTA see this! My fogs BLINK to my music!

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  1. so then why would a battery or alternator help him?

    capacitors are made for the purpose of dimming lights...

    now for him yea he doesnt need one cuz theyre turning on when the bass hits

    i hate starting crap but i really dont understand:shrug:
  2. Yea, I'm done with this thread. Obviously no one has any help unless it's reguarding DD bullitts, s281 wings or mach 1 chin spoilers. :shrug:

    I'll figure this out myself I guess.
  3. yeah cuz this site is def. all about appearence mods:doh:
    Maybe if the problem wasn't caused by poor wiring and the fact the amount of watts your sucking in order to power subs can supply a middle-eastern family for about six months we'd be able to provide some insight into the matter.
  4. What crawled up your ass and died tonight? :nonono: :rolleyes:

    And thanks for looking into the issue. I thought I saw you outside inspecting my "poor wiring". Appreciate it! :nice:
  5. ill bet money on this that this is in fact what is happening.

    check all of your grounds as well.

    u never answered, how many watts are u running?
  6. NP:nice:
  7. waaaaaaa :mad: :mad:
  8. seriously.. AmBo didnt your parents ever tell you not to whine? you came here with a problem, and these guys tried to help you out. just because they cracked a joke about your music your gonna whine about it? real mature man, how old are you? nice joke about the mach 1 lip and DD bullitts, maybe they are on here a lot for a reason? like maybe people like them? I love DD bullitts, and I love mach lips. So eat a dick AmBo
  9. 800W
  10. And you would be...?

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  13. what are the ratings on your subs?

    are they getting all 800w?
  14. Um........... re-read my post. I didn't say that getting a battery or alternator would help him. I said that IF his lights were dimming then a capacitor wouldn't help and he should get a bat., alt, ................ I've never seen a capacitor fix dimming headlights. That was my point.
  15. My guess would be since you have HID's something is probably getting crossed/connected when the bass hits. I'd check the wiring on the HID's/fogs and follow them back to their sources (grounds/fuses) and see if anything looks suspicious. Being as it's flicking ON when the bass hits that'd be my best guess is that it's pounding enough to close that .001" gap between the wires and short something.
  16. Maybe I missed it in the post trying to weed thru all the stupid **** in this post....

    But have you done any testing with an ohm meter? Verify the wiring between the fogs and the fuse panel and on each side of the fuse is solid and not losing any current, with all the situations you described (lights on, off...fogs cranked, etc.)
  17. i get what ur sayin being tired last night made me misread what u were sayin, sorry

    capacitors ARE for the purpose of surging tho. which causes the dimming of lights when the bass hits...if you have say a 2000+ watt system then getting a 1 farad capacitor wouldnt be all depends on the farads
  18. you have to be drawing too much current and causing arcing somewhere. Tell me, is the fog light switch set to "on" when this is happening? Or is the switch flipped off and they still come on? The latter I would not even begin to try and comprehend (I'm not too good with circuits) but the former might be a ground or overamping issue. Time to start tracing steps mang
  19. Try running around without the fogs :shrug: . I pulled mine...dont miss them haha. One was removed by a helpful racoon though :nonono:

  20. I was in a bad mood when I posted that .... You too are correct. :)