You gotta see this

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  1. It looks like somebody melted a plastic car so both ends sagged. And what's with the vette rear and nose?? Painful.
  2. Guy says he started the project in 78 (used a 2 year old car???). Disco era. Funky customs, big flares, futuristic looking exotics. Car would have been a hit in the early 80s. And really, it's not as bad looking as some of the weird kits that have been produced over the years. The mid engine idea is neat. The car may be odd, but I give the guy an A for effort for the time he started it in.
  3. Thats nuts!

    And in a cool way. Thats insane that he converted it to mid engine. I'm not crazy about the body, but hey, it sure would have fit in its time.

    I love it
  4. Hey now, I thought that was sick too :D
  5. I like it. I dunno if I would have used Corvette pieces or renditions on it, but rather GT40 or Panterra or something instead. I think it'd still be really cool to see it done. Some of those crazy 70's/80's cars are commin back. :nice: Can anyone say "Gumball Rally"???