you guys ain't gonna believe my luck. I'm officialy CURSED!

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  1. So some of you knows about my recent bad luck with my car.
    Today, someone dicided that they hate me, and express it in physical way...
    My poor daily pimpin Geo....:(
    looks like someone with dark reddish color car cut too tight of turn in parking space next to mine. caught my bumper, and ripped it off..:mad::bang: :owned:
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  2. That's not so bad, pop it back in and buff it up ;)
  3. I'm right there with ya man. :nonono:

    Within 2 weeks, my daily driver was rearended by a bus:eek:, and my wife's 05 Mazda 3 was plowed into by an F150 today. We will both have cars in the shop at the same time. Well, at least it wasn't the Stang.:)
  4. is that the 3-cyl?:hail2:
  5. damn that sucks... good thing you can buy a bumper with pocket change for the geo

    And good thing it wasn't the stang!
  6. are you familiar with the curse of dave? well no one culd have worse luck than dave88lx from corral, but you seem to be trying :lol:
  7. No. Do tell....

    And those of you said its good thing that this isn't Mustang....
    this is from 3 months ago. which i'm still trying to get it to fix right..:nonono:
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    Both cars, i wasn't in the car....
    Hit and run - should be punishible by death by hanging, and shot by firing squad, while squeeling like pig from gaschamber...:mad:

    as gutless as it is, i thought it was 3 banger. But its not to my surprise
  8. Wow.

    Maybe you should start taking the bus? The worse that can happen is it getting hijacked by some crazed maniac.
  9. nah i made new mount out of some scrap metal to replace one thats ripped out last night.
    Damage was minimal. Its just the i'm having really really bad luck lately with all my cars. I need to wash my car with holy water to purify it free of evil sprit or something...
  10. and blown up.

    **** happens