you guys are crazy

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  1. I just finished putting my 86 5.0 Capri together with some mods. I drove it to work and some jerk wouldn't let me onto the freeway. I was merging onto the freeway from the on ramp and this guy in a older camaro was refusing to let me in. I sped up so did he then I slowed down and he would too. So I gunned and next thing I know Im pushing about 100 MPH. Seemed like it took one second to get from 60 mph to 100 I know it took longer it just seemed like it. It surprised me it kinda spooked me. My car is maybe pushing 240 hp and you guys have cars pushing way more than mine. My car is fast and you're cars are crazy! This is what my mods are....
    1986 stock short block flat top pistons
    cheap rebuilt 1978 302 heads for more compression ratio and better head than the E6 head I had on there.
    BBk shorty headers
    gutted H pipe with Flowmaster exhaust
    Edelbrock performer intake and 600 cfm carb

    Thats all I did and its very fast I guess Im just used to my slow beretta
  2. :nice:

    yeah i can count off by 5's goin from 60 up in 3rd. its quite fun.
  3. Mine feels slow :(
  4. Well - Everybody knows you have a Porsche 911 Turbo as a DD. Of course your Stang is gonna feel slow.
  5. it's true, it's true
  6. Well I think I need get a new tranny I punched the throttle hard from 2nd to 3rd gear and now my 3rd gear seems to be messed up. Old trannys just wont hold up to any power.
  7. I doubt your car fits my category of fast. I'm pissed that myns still in the 13s even though it ran what it should, but I'm not going to be happy until it goes 12s. A car is slow until it runs 12s in my book.
  8. lol... I've never been in a 12 or 13 second car... Not even any of my old stangs... But this one that I am building, i'm aiming for 10.5's N/A, and 9's on the NOS :D That is once I am able to drive it right :D
  9. so your going from 0-1000mph in stupid seconds flat?

    Damn you have some balls to be doing that. Well, i'm building a 408 and have only owned a 13 second car. But i have driven some very fast cars. I just hope you don't kill yourself, thats what i'm hoping i don't do either.
  10. when i first pushed my car with the turbo it flat out scared the **** out of me. i burried the needle before i even knew it. my buddy looked over at me and said "you could probably beat this bike a guy at my work has" :D
  11. You'll be bored soon.
  12. Yup
  13. I agree, 12s is boring when you are running them for a while!
  14. If I go 11s, I want 10s... Once I break 10s, I'm gonna want 9s... No such thing as "fast enough"
  15. engage your hyper drive and proceed to ludicrous speed
  16. x2
  17. that pretty much sums me up. Speaking of car accelerating fast mine seems to do that when i pull out to pass people. I can never quite understand how it is a wrap my speedo everytime and then have to jump on the binders. sure makes my truck feel slow when i pull out to pass in it.