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  1. [flamesuit]I have a couple questions about the fox body computer swap. [/flamesuit]

    I know, I know, the sn95 computer is better. The ONLY reason why I'm asking is, I'm buying a procharger (including sn95 brackets) from my friend who had it in a fox. He said he could include his injectors, pro-m univer, and computer, which has a diablo chip that is dyno-tuned for this setup installed, for a great price. This is also the guy I bought my motor from, so he had the EXACT SAME SETUP as I will have once it's installed (I just freshened the 306).

    My original plan was to buy the blower, and then save for a PMS and practice tuning my h/c/i combo before adding boost. However, if I can get this deal working, I don't have to mess with it, and the parts I need for the swap will be cheaper than the tuner.

    I searched for a while and figured out that I need an MSD ignition (needed anyway), fan controller, and supposedly some pins need swapped at the connector. Here's my questions:

    - He doesnt have an A9L, his is a 'A3M'. Would this be wired any differently, or will the procedure for the A9L work?
    - Does anyone know what pins need to be swapped, or does anyone have a pin-out for the fox computer?
    - I believe his car was an automatic, my car is a 5-speed, is this a deal-breaker?

    Thanks for any insight you guys may have, and feel free to voice what you would do in this situation.
  2. You would need to get a fox act sensor and install it in the lower intake.

    Don't know if the auto tranny pcm would work behind your stick trans without some pcm adjustments.

    I'm sure you could find some info on the Tweecer site

    Good Luck