You guys are gonna love this Mustang

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  1. its in detroit, it will get taken care off.
  2. Last time someone posted a "donk" on here, someone got banned.
  3. he said don't be confused but I am, why are there 5 speed pedals:shrug::. I have never been so ashamed of a mustang.:nonono:
  4. all I can say is ghey!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. "everything on this **** Lectrick"

    good comment
    qwiknotch (5 days ago)
    you have got to be f8cking kidding me. Take a shat in your right hand and repeatedly punch yourself in the face,

    loved that one.

    you gotta love the lambo doors
  6. hahaha, i would actually like to go offroading in that thing to make sure it got a proper death
  7. That thing is hacked up pretty nicely. :rolleyes: RIP
  8. I heard it was a 4 eye that he converted to aero :eek:
  9. Poor mustang...... seeing crap like that makes so mad about the fact that there are so few foxes running around that are respectable and one of them gets turned into ****zit like that......
  10. Uhh-huh, undakerrage.
  11. I NEED ostrich interior. Damn, certain "styles" should not be applied to mustangs...

    And certain people shouldn't be allowed to procreate.
  12. the real problem is that the guy thinks it looks good
  13. Thanks for ruining my life, Mike.
  14. The wheels on mine are too big as well, but I like it. Mine, not the "donk".
  15. That has to be the biggest piece of $H*T fox in current existence!!! Someone please buy this car and have it IMMEDIATELY put out of it's misery!

    People that do this make me want to punch small animals!!!:mad:
  16. God I Hate Dumb Idiots Like That.
  17. I'd drive it...

    Off a cliff.
  18. I have the sudden urge to rape a polar bear. :nonono: