You guys are gonna love this Mustang

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  1. Donk,ostrich interior, lambo doors with bondo, 4x4 lift...

  2. I hope the females of the world flock to his car like Ostriches.
  3. Nice fo by by fo.:rolleyes:
  4. the best part was him showing where the stereo WASNT after he showed were the bondo WAS
  5. shi zzle dizzle snopp fizzle - foh sho that's no ostrich :nono:
  6. anybody else notice that he's got an EFI dist with a carb? If i saw that on the street i'd throw rocks at it
  7. i dont think it goes on the street its fo off road
  8. Thats what I thought too. looks like fake Ostrich
  9. YUP, YUP, YUP, YUP. What a D.B!!!!
  10. While I would willingly beat the crap out of someone for 4x4ing a good clean street stang...I'd be willing to do it off a junk yard rescue. Think of how comfortable the Stang is normally. Cept now you can drive it ANYWHERE. Hehe.

    But that particular individual needs to go the he'll away w/ his ostrich & lambo doors. That's just stupid.

    And the 2nd vid... They did that to a T-Top!!!! There are only like 200 of those left on the entire planet. Especially in the fox3 form. That pisses me off.