You guys are gonna think I'm crazy......

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  1. This isn't the decision of the day,'s been cooking around in my head for weeks now.

    I'm thinking about selling the car. Outright. I love this car, but it's like every car project w/ me.
    Every disposable dollar, and every dispensable minute of my time gets devoted to it's build, or usage in one way or another.
    Meanwhile, my standards of living have slipped to a level beneath where I find it acceptable anymore.
    I know I'll hear to just stop spending money and learn to accept it for what it is, that I say,...yeah right, I'm not 54, and I've NEVER accepted anything at any level.
    It was never fast enough, and this car will never be cool enough (for me at least)

    So for the question/ (another probably violation of forum law)

    Where would I ever hope to advertise a car like this for sale?
    Are there smaller specialty car "auction venues (like a small Barrett Jackson) where I'd have better luck.

    My expectations for selling are realistic, I know I'll never hope to make what the total parts and labor invested back out of it, but,...the car is still gonna be one of the most expensive Fox mustangs in the country.

    Humor me.
  2. There's the Mecum auctions. Not sure where all they operate though.
  3. I have not a clue what something like that car is worth. There isn't another one anywhere like it. Hard to put a number on a one off item/vechile. Guess it depends on who wants it and how much $$ they have.
  4. The real question is, if sold would you start another project and put yourself right back into the same predicament, or would you actually use the $ from the sale to "improve your standard of living" or not?
  5. I second mecum. Lotta people with money hit that one.
  6. Mike, you strike me as the kind of guy that is more obsessed with the journey than the destination. I would bet money that you'd be into another project car in under a year.
  7. It's high time you started the build that will carry you through the zombie apocalypse anyway. :zombie:
  8. Agreed ^^

    A high end auction house like Mecum is the only place where your car is going to get the exposure it deserves.
  9. Yep. Set a nice reserve and bring the magazine feature documentation. Register it way ahead of time to let prospective buyers see it in the catalogue. I think it will do well.
  10. Sorry to ask but...can you give me some details on the car? From what everyone is posting I can only imagine that it's super cool and I just have to know more!! Can I see some pics too??!!
  11. There really isn't any predicament. The house isn't falling down or anything like that. It's just been 12 years since we moved in here, and there are too many things that I have let go long enough. The floors suck, Squirrels have moved into my attic (from lack of soffits over a new addition) The front porch needs completing, blah, blah, blah. I'm just at that point.
    Nail on the head. Like a few others here, despite the hardship involved w/ the build, the thrill comes from the kill so to speak. The wife argued w/ me this morning on that very point. I can't say that there won't be some other project in my future, but right now the trade off for the "really cool car" in favor over the house that needs work on a dozen unfinished projects, becomes a pretty easy choice.

    Mechum is a gold standard. They take a 7% commission in addition to a 250.00 entrance fee (plus the costs involved getting it there)
    I'm just concerned that it doesn't measure up to that standard. The next several shows are wrong for several reasons:
    The next one is too soon, the one after that is a private collection, after that is a Corvette venue. The Des Moines show is 3rd week of July, It'd be the first chance to even hope for.

    I hate trying to sell a damn car. It's such a pain in the ass.
  12. :nice: Mike, good luck with whatever you decide and I'm willing to let you help on my project
  13. I know EXACTLY what you mean. I always sell them for way less than I know I could have sold them because the little imperfections on the car catch my consience like a hangnail...

    I could never be a car salesman, I'd starve.
  14. sell it for $20000 starting. thats good for a highly modded car that ur heart isnt in
  15. Why not just list it on the "regular" enthusiast car sites and see what happens, I mean it can't hurt right? I remember seeing a 2002 Camaro SS that was transformed to look like a 69 Camaro on a Mecum auction last year, I can't remember exactly what it sold for but I remember being surprised at how much they got for it.
  16. Damn Mike, you're crazy... I guess that's why they call you MadMike :D

    I'd have a tough time buying this vehicle. If this car were ever involved in an accident, it would be a PITA to get fixed. Especially considering it is insured as nothing more than a fox body Mustang.

    Anyways, I'd try first with the forums. Get on most of the popular Mustang sites and list the car for what you think you'd like to get for it. I'm sure you'll eventually get a few serious offers, and if/when you do you may have a better idea of what the market price for your automobile is.

    With a specialty car like that, I think it will be tough to get a decent chunk of change out of it without waiting a while. The advantage of the auctions is it is a relatively quick and easy way to offload a vehicle. You do run the risk, however, of not selling if it doesn't meet your reserve though.
  17. Well, the first place I'm going w/ it is the Sonic sponsored, Hemmings affiliated, Mid South specialty car auction may 5th.
    I sent some recent pics to the guy running the show, and he thinks I ought to be able to get 20k for it. ( that's what I was hoping for)
    It'll cost 150 to list it, and I don't pay any commission if it doesn't sell for my reserve. It's in Jackson tn. As a first attempt, I guess well see.