You guys are gonna think I'm crazy......

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  2. Nope I caught it too. Definitely one the better tng storylines.
  3. As did I,...the most important spin off of of that story line was that it introduced Seven of Nine.
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    ** Notice the lack of Borg "appliances".

    Seems the producers had a problem shaving her head,, making her wear pasty white make up, and a whole bunch of shunts coming out of places that shouldn't have "shunts".
  4. now I need to fire up netflix and watch some star trek. thanks a lot guys!!!
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  8. If I were you, I would keep that car for the REST OF MY LIFE! That is a lot of dough invested, not to mention all your time, blood, sweat, tears/eye balls. Seriously, keep it and get it in another mag once you do the webers.
  9. Oh C'mon! Did I really say all of that shi t? How many threads did you have to cut and paste to put that random collage of nonsense together?
  10. U said every word in post 13 of this thread. Lol
  11. See. I just posted it in layman terms.:)

    I cant help it if i only read bits and pieces. Your wordy and i have adhd.

    Oh look butterflies

  12. Take this for what it's worth

    Anyone who has been on stangnet for a long period knows that i get a car and not long after sale it. I havent always been honest as to why i sold them.

    Truth is I have had and sold MANY nice cars and other valuable items to pay the bills and get caught up. Did It take care if the need at the time. Yes.

    Truth is though I would replace the car and not long after something else comes up so i would liquidate again and Id lose money/time/labor etc etc
    It can be an endless cycle.

    It seems that there is always something that requires money NOW. I kinda regret my decision to sale sale sale to make ends meet because in the geand scheme of things given some time i coulda worked it all out.

    The good news for me is:
    I landed a new job in february that came with a hefty raise and company truck. I had money in my 401k and i used it to pay all my debts off except my house. So hopefully my sale sale sale days are behind me.

    The good news for you is the IRS will usually accept some sort payment arrangements.

    You have a lot of money in the parts alone not to even mention your labor.

    Your going to lose a lot of money
    If you sell it. If you can: Keep it...try to find a way.

    I do not think you will regret keeping it.

    To this day I regret the decision i made 8 yrs ago to sale my 87droptop. It wasnt near as nice as many of the cars that grace the pages of stangnet. But it was the one i built the way i wanted it.

    Dont kno what ya got sometimes till you let go of it.

    Or maybe it should read you dont appreciate something till you let it go and then run across pics of it and start regretting.
  13. Star Trek voyager

  14. What tha, :confused: .......Love Story???? You couldn't come up w/ better advice than to plagerize a line from that Marshmallow?

    Seriously, you and I are one of the same. I always build some cool car only to sacrifice it to the need to eliminate the perceived crisis at hand. It was that way w/ the last big Turbo car that I built, and the one before that for that matter. It just seems that w/ each project, the crisis at the time is bigger, and more urgent than the last.

    I have an "arrangement" with the man. I've been living w/ the payment on this IRS debt for two years now. It's DOWN to 9500.00,..but on april 17, 2010....that bill read $20,000.00.
    Now I know on one hand someone will look at that and say... "see you've managed to whittle the original debt down to less than half, you're doing it."......I'd say to them I'll bet you'd grab your chest on the current balance,....I know I'd be reading your name in the obits from the first one.
  15. LOL you built a car like this and you owe money to the IRS your Priorities are f'ed up. Your not some 23yr old that doesn't know any better.

    My advise is read your history and do the opposite next time
  16. Judge not, lest ye be judged.

    Isn't that how it always goes when you volunteer too much info?

    Yes, priorities are fk'd up. I had a 365.00 car pymt. Plus the required full coverage ins. when I incurred this debt. I sold that car (gto) and bought this little hoopty 2 years ago.
    The entire drivetrain was laying in the corner, as well as the electronics, and gauges from an even earlier bailed on project circa 07'. A lot of the parts that are on this car were here before it was.

    We all balance priorities between perceived wants, and needs. Despite the obvious, I manged this build while paying the debt down simultaneously. The way I see it,not having the gto payment and it's required ins. Payed that debt down, by moving that " luxury" I freed up 500.00 monthly that went to the man.

    So yeah, you can laugh out loud at my expense, The purpose of this thread was simply to state that I was ready to give it up to get through w/ the monkey on my back, not ask for your approval one way or the other.
  17. I am truly impressed that you managed to whittle that bill down so fast even while maintaining a hobby!
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  18. I hate hearing stories like this because it's amazing to me how the government will come after one person for everything they have, while asking nothing of another person, in fact, supporting them. I'm not going to get too political here, but I feel that pain.

    Anyways, I sold my car for some of the same reasons. Mustangs were my obsession for so long. I was proud of my car and nothing beat that feeling. It was much apart of who I am. Big part of my life it always will be. One thing about a car hobby is that you are constantly devoting money towards it. As you go deeper into it, the more it cost, and you don't get that money out of it. This last mustang didn't cost much, but I kept it insured and kept a tag on it. It probably cost me only about $500 a year, maybe a bit more. There were things I needed to do to it, which would have required money and time, and it was always on my "to do" list. So I sold it. It was hard watching it drive off. It was a damn straight car and I watched it roll off and I sold it for way under what I thought it was worth. However, I felt quite relieved a few hours later. So many other things I need to concentrate on. My house, there are so many things on that to do list. I need to either focus on this career or move to another one. Just so many other things I need to devote my time towards.
  19. thats a heavy burden to carry with the irs involved. I understand your decision

    I Hope you can work it all out and keep your car too.
  20. I can understand mikes choice to build the car. Just because he owed money dosent mean he cant continue a hobby. In fact it probably kept him sane by keeping him busy.