You guys are gonna think I'm crazy......

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  1. There are people who are jobless on welfare and on the verge of losing everything...yet still find money to buy cigarettes and booze drugs or whatever their vice may be.

    Seems to me if someone is working and paying their debts they have the right to indulge in something.
  2. Okay if you say so to each his own. I guess thats why america is where we are today
  3. the government sets a fine example for us!
  4. Hookers and Blow. It's the American way.

    Ice Scrapers and Trips to America for medical care. That's the Canadian way. :D
  5. Listen. Nobody defaulted on any debt here. I didn't finance a house that I couldn't afford,...and I'm paying the the tax bill back w/ interest and penalties.
    Me building a car while dealing w/ my debt is no different than what you do,..provided that you don't live in your parents' basement. Since I don't know you,..I cannot say for sure,..but I'd imagine that you finance large purchases just like everybody else. I didn't ask you to repay the debt, or forgive one red cent. DO NOT lump me in w/some perceived group of ingrates because I incurred the debt in the first place. Again, the topic of the thread revolves around my decision to end that burden by selling my car, and pay the balance off w/ the proceeds, so you can save your attitude for someone that truly abuses the system.
  6. Mike just send the car to me and ill make payments. 100 per month for 200 months. That would be 20k.

    Now in the time it takes me to pay that off i want you to convert it back to a regular fox body and then lower the price for me since its just a regular fox again. ;)
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  7. How can I convert it back after I send it to you? Will you let me live in your basement while I do the work? Does it include benefits? What about daycare for my 14 year old? I don't lift a finger unless I get 15 minutes off for every hour worked. Do you have cable, or Satellite? What about retirement benefits? Will you pay for me to take off so I can go vote? I used to get a honkin' block of cheese every month when I was in the Army,......... do you got monthly cheese?

    Sorry for so many stipulations,.....but after working for myself for 13 years,...I just don't want to "sell" myself short.
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  8. Does anyone remember the name of the guy that built his car using unemployment checks? That thread blew up!
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  9. I have no basement so u will have to dig one for me. I have a 14 yr old son too so bring your son along and they can play video games. I will allow the 15 min hourly break. I have cable and high speed internet so u can get your ****.
    I will sign up for welfare and lie saying im jobless. They will give me food stamps. So i will pay you with food stamps. you can buy all the cheese u want. Since I am not a leagal employer you technically will have no job and will also qualify for welfare. That would be like you will get double pay all the time. Yes you can go vote during your 15 min break. I cannot offer health insurance but the good news is Obama has you covered!

    Let me know if you have any concerns.
  10. btw mike we dont think your crazy... we know your crazy
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  11. Thought that was a given. :shrug:
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  12. No thats just people abusing the system that we all pay in to.
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  13. Ok,..what has my sanity got to do w/ anything??:shrug:
    Ohhh wait a minute,...I just read the thread title.
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  14. Take your pills. Obama wants you to. Placated, indifferent, sheep are the order of the day. o_O