You guys are lame!

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by LIZARDKING, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. By my accounts only about 7 people regulary post here. Whats up with that. Surely more than about 7 V6 owners have something to say?

    Lets get with it.
  2. I post on several forums. This one seems dead lately, dunno why. :shrug:

  3. I concur. I check this one just as much as the other and I start the same posts on all of them.
  4. *silence*
  5. maybe you should consider a V8?
    Just a thought.

    Nice ride considering!!!!
  6. Been there done that, probley more than almost anyone on these boards. At last count Ive owned 53 vehicles, 43 of them V8s.

  7. I had a 93 5.0 as well, but the new 6 is just fine for me, and with 5 more HP.
  8. Just trying to keep your board exciting and discussion based. I like the new V6 and yes they have more HP than my 1993 5.0 had coming off the assembly line. It is all good as long as it is a Stang!!!

    And WOW so many stangs owned. I have only owned 2. A 1975 Mustang II 2.3 and this 1993 LX.50. Boy do I wish I could boast the fact I owned so many. True Mustang Fan.

  9. It's all good, I still miss my dk grey 5.0 LX from 93. I didn't mod that car much, I didn't get into modding until recently. Now I just think back on the potential that car had. :shrug:

    Oh well. Dosent matter what HP you have, as long as it is a stang and you make it yours. My sights are beating a 350z next track season. And I will do it!!!! LOL.
  10. Things are winding down here in Michigan... that nasty white stuff is not far away I fear... I'm kind of winding down to for the winter... not posting as much... I'm sure it will pick up in the spring... LOL

  11. Lideo's dyno is indoors isn't it????? LOL. You are in such close proximity of all these shops, I bet you will put up some posts on upgrades, appearance or performance.....dosent matter what type of mod.

    I'll put $100 bucks down that Scrming makes a mod before Feb. Maybe a ducktail spoiler?????
  12. He seems to have an endless supply of "mod money". I wonder if he has sponsers? Lidio at the very least. :rlaugh:

  13. Or a credit card and a bill his wife is afraid to open. My wife opened up the visa bill after my latest rear end endeavor (sway bar, 4.10s, FR Tlok and bearings) and after thursday, my mods days are over till after the holidays. :bang:
  14. well.... its like this... I do have a nice paying job... but have tapped the credit card lately... 0% until next August... LOL! But the wife is expecting... sooooo... my mod money will be drying up! LOL!

    hmmmm... $100 if I don't do any mods until Feb? I might have to take you up on that one! LOL

  15. Congratulations!!! I have two myself so I know how exciting that is.

    Now, I'm not betting you $100 bucks....that would be too easy. You could hold off a while on the mod's just to get 100 bucks in mod money. No, I'm betting the other members here you do it. Besides, nothing like appearance mods to slip in now and then. Bullitt knobs, covers and what not, running pony floor mats, shorty antenna's, car audio. The car mod world is a big world. Not just juice and performance.

  16. Thanks! My first one is 17 months old today! LOL! When you're old like me you have to have them close together! LOL!

    Actually I'm trying to save up for something BIG this spring... LOL
  17. like twin turbos...... :D
  18. I'm not posting so much on this forum anymore because I find that every time I post something there are a few people who always seem to have something sarcastic to say. They think they know everything about mustangs and racing and if you don't think along their line of thot (like the best mods, etc) then you don't know what you are talking about and frankly, i'm tired of it, I can go to work for that kind of treatment. Heck, the way I see it everybody has different thoughts about how they want their mustang to be and how they want them to turn out and more power to 'em.

    I do think with some of the older stang forums those people don't use their stangs as primary transportation and have put their cars in their stables and work on 'em during the colder months and us '05 folks (especially those who live in colder climates and don't have beaters) are not putting a lot of cash flow/work into our rides as they are still under warranty so we just sort of put them to sleep until warmer weather comes and with that comes slumber (out of sight, out of mind).

    Me, on the other hand will be driving my car throughout the hard Michigan winter with snow tires, ziebart rust proofing, undercoating and about 300 pounds of sand in the trunk and will continue to enjoy her and hope that nobody slides into me and I can come out unscathed come spring.
  19. Good Luck, and Happy Mustanging!!!
  20. I hear you and can relate. Hey, how much did the ziebart rush proofing cost you?