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  1. $199 and that included undercoating (pkg deal). I am having true dual GT exhaust using the Magnaflow x-pipe with GT takeoffs being put on with the GT front sway bar put on as I speak at Midas. I don't have a garage (yet) as I live in a frikin condo (for sale, any takers?) so I was forced to take her in and pay for labor. I must say the cost was more than most people posted on previous threads. I heard $100-150 for the exhaust install. But, the midas guy said that in front of the x-pipe he would have to fabricate an angled extension to fit from the cat pipe to the x-pipe and when all is said and done with that it is going to cost me about $400 (GT take offs, pipes, x-pipe and labor) which I guess is still cheaper than an aftermarket exhuast system such as magnaflow or mac.

  2. Yea, $400 is still a great deal. My setup cost me 580 after it was all said and done and its only a Y pipe. Though my mufflers are pretty deep sounding. You got a good deal, and that includes sway bar install? Real good to me.
  3. Yeah, I'm drving my pony thriugh the winter as well.... Getting my 3.73 and TruTrac put in on Tuesday and then getting Dunlop M3's for the winter tires. Everyone I talk to says they are the besy winter tires you can put on a stang - unless you go for a full dedicated (Blizzak type). They tell me the Dunlops will make it feel like I am driving a 4x4 - We'll see

    Just hate to have to get all that sand taking up space in my trunk :(

    Hopefully the TT and M3's can handle the ice/snow/hail/sleet/rain ..... I can't wait til April..... Good luck to all of you using this pony during the winter months

    (Can't wait til Tuesday....)

    2005 Mustang 4.0 V6 - Magnaflow Dual Exhaust - SCT 93 Tune / No Gov's and Limiters - Spolier - Side Stripes
    On 11/22 - 3.73 and Detroit TrueTrac
    Spring - S/C
  4. I started a thread a few weeks ago about this very thing. I look each day and often see nothing new or anything I wish to reply to.
  5. new meat

    i must be # 8 on here lol i am new but on my third o5 mustang this year started with a hardtop then a gt convertiable ,,couldnt keep gas in it now i have a v6 black convertiable which i like my gt got beat by a saturn so i was like f- this car and its gas mileage
  6. and thats why i dont post much here anymore!

  7. I concur, but notice its a 93 5.0, which is in the same performance class as us....thus...why the V8 comment?

  8. So why are the Fox guys trolling our board?
  9. I only come here anymore to keep up with what Rygen, Fazm, and Scrming are up to and see what technical advice/Mustang info Jenn has found. I like your posts too, TwoFocused. You should get in touch with MSP, he posts over at the Mustang Source. You guys would hit it off, I think.

    I posted this in the "Talk" section when some posters attacked a guy for writing a complaint letter.

    "It is a shame that people feel the need to berate you because you complained about a situation that obviously left you thoroughly upset and dissatisfied. I read posts asking, "What happened to all of the people who used to post here?" People go elsewhere because of juveniles who feel the need to vent their angst in cyberspace instead of going to the gym or taking up a sport. It is very easy to sling mud in here. It makes me wonder how likely they would be to "step up" in the real world. Same reason you have lots of aggressive drivers, but not too many agressive subway riders. Harder to be "tough" when someone can reach out and touch you back. 'Nuff said!"
  10. I guess I don't count. :shrug:
  11. I didn't expect to make the list, and expected to see you amoung the other two. Though I live near Excepcion13 and we colaborate a lot. Don't worry, you are on the list of V6 owners I look to for advise and colaboration!


    I think you were the first on here with a Zex kit, definitely the first or second. Have you made any runs with it recently?
  12. And Jimp, what is the story with your gears....when they going in???????
  13. I haven't used the Zex at all lately. :( I got my Zex before scrming but installed it the same weekend. I was waiting on a friend to help and he never came over. I ended up getting my brother to help but mostly did it on my own. I'm planning on going to the track this Wednesday, but I won't have my gears or TrueTrac on by then. But...some other parts came in that I hope to install this weekend: Zex purge kit, bottle heater and remote bottle opener. I'll up some pics when I get that all done. The gears and TrueTrac I can't get installed until early next month.

  14. Damn, I really wanted to see the Zex run with the TrueTrac. A remote bottle opener, that is scary......if I got nitrous I wouldn't put that on, would get me in trouble. I was originally going with nitrous, but just found out I am comming into some money in January...and can afford a turbo or SC, so now its back to square 1 on what I'm going to do. I wanted to do a 1/4 run at MIR this weekend, but I can't because the gears are not broken in.
  15. Forum Trolls


    I hear lots of complaining about “trolls” from many users on this forum. There are different types of trolling. Most of what we see is narrow-minded punks trying to make themselves feel better bagging on the V-6 guys. I hate that crap. That’s why I created and posted a specific rule for this forum. Believe me there’s plenty of crap you guys never see. I have banned trolls and deleted plenty of crap from this forum.

    Using the ignore feature on this forum and your own ignore feature is an option. Sometimes these guys just want to get a rise out of you.

    All forums have their ups and downs. I frequent plenty of forums and they all have their good and bad aspects. As an example, I used to browse SVTP a lot. It had plenty of technical information. But, as the place grew it turned into a fan boy club for certain members and certain vendors and suffered from their own brand of cacapoopy. I don’t frequent that place now unless I need to research something technical for my Cobra.

    Sometimes I wonder if this is the first discussion forum some of you guys have used.

    So instead of complaining and threatening to leave how about making some suggestions that can help solve the problem? Banning trolls isn’t always doable.

    How about the regular uses of this forum standing up to these trolls and responding appropriately, civilly and/or ignoring them?

    It seems to me that the regular users of this forum are older, well written, more mature and more knowledgeable than the retards that troll here. However, sometimes, the whining seems to indicate otherwise.

    With all of that said, if you don’t want to post here anymore don’t let the door hit you in the keister on the way out. If you would like to participate, please do so. We can work together to make this place a valuable resource and a cool place to hang out.

    If you guys have a concern, rant or just want to blow off some stream shoot me a PM. Jimp did yesterday and hopefully we both have more appreciation for each other and the topic we discussed. The other mods are available for this too.

  16. Keith,

    Thank you for this post, and all boards suffer from the same problem, so I don't think quitting stangnet is the answer. As for suggestions, does this thread system support prohibiting someone from posting in a specific thread or area instead of banning? Just a thought, that might be a more constuctive alternative.


  17. I'm not sure about that. Very good question though :nice: I'll check and see if it's possible.

  18. I'm sorry, man, I ALWAYS read your posts!!! :nice:
  19. LOL! I was just messin'! :rlaugh: