You guys are lame!

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  1. You are correct in the fact that the V6 has more horsepower than the older 5.0s, however the 5.0 had much more torque than the V6. I do believe that the V6 has 240 lb/ft of torque where as the 5.0 had somewhere around 300.
  2. I go to All Ford Mustang forums and the Mustang Source once in a while. I mainly hang out here in S197 or the Daycare Center.

    I guess what I dont like about Stangnet is I sold my 03 Focus for my 05 Mustang. I used to hang on Focus Fanatics, a bunch of great guys and gals. When a troll or just some a-hole showed up the members promptly ran him off. Stangnet members just dont seem as tight a group to police themselves. Of course the Focus has never had a body change and the Mustang has had 9 so there are alot more Mustang camps to bicker between.

    Im going to keep posting. Im planning on a how-to with pics when I do my dual exhaust. I have access to a lift so I should be able to get step by step pics.

    What Stangnet doesnt have that Focus Fanatics did have was a group of owners that just liked to use the forum to BS about thier rides, mods, ideas, and plans. Whenever someone here tries to start such a topic they immediately get shot down, so that thread dies.
  3. We could flame trolls all day long but that just takes away from purpose of this forum: sharing information about modding our rides.

    I post in several other forums that aren't car related and there are trolls there(I even troll myself sometimes), but it's really expected at those types of places. I think the topics here are too important to waste time with flame wars.
  4. my first time posting here nothing wrong with a 05 v-6 i hade the new 05 gt convertiable ,wasnt impressed for the money traded in for 05 v-6 black vert im happy v-6 b cool lol
  5. i feel so dirty .sorry i vented. hey duner
  6. No worries here. I vent all of the time :D

    I, just like some of you, get frustrated with some of the things I read on here. Most of that is in different parts of the forum. If you need something let me know.

    Todd - don't have an answer yet.


  7. No rush. Thanks.
  8. I am among the lame. This is my first mustang, and I'm also a newbie at modding - and I can't really decide if there's much I want to change yet :) So I lurk and learn what I can without asking stupid newb questions...
  9. I admit that I do a lot of lurking also as I'm new to the Mustang world, got mine back in March. I like to see what others have done mod wise before doing anything to mine. I haven't done much to mine yet. I do plan on taking mine to the track possibly this spring and definitely summer. I'll have lots to say then!

    I peruse other Mustang forums as well and don't consider any of the forums or the people posting on them to be lame. Even the occasional arguments can be informative and sometimes quite amusing but not lame IMOO.
  10. This comment right here makes me happy, yet a little sad. :(

    As a multiple Mustang owner over the years, I know that I would not have learned as much as I have about the Mustang, if I had not lurked and learned. If you can bob and weave through the muck, you can nearly always go away from here with some good ideas or technical tid-bits about your car.

    The thing that makes me sad is that by not asking "stupid" newbie questions, you may miss something or not obtain a full answer to a question. I do not know if this is a personal preference or if it is because of a fear of consequence associated with someone making you feel stupid for not knowing everything. :D

    If you do not know the answer, and have taken some proactive steps to locate what you need and are still unsuccessful, ask. If another member munches a comment your way, I always recommend to ignore them first, if they continue, report them to one of the Mods using the report post button and we will handle it. We prefer our members use a little common sense and self-moderating when interacting. Yes, even some of the "arguments" around here have yielded some beautiful idea exchanges and eventual resolution. It's much more difficult in an e-community to express emotions, tones and intents. Sometimes allowing it to run its course is an acceptable alternative.

    The over-aggressive shoving of individual opinions down throats gets frustrating. I usually get double my fill since I am carrying the Woman Token and therefore, must know very little about cars. :nice: I persist with patience, dignity and respect (even when it is not shown towards me) and nearly 90% of the time, I prove my point. Nothing is more sweet then having someone who exudes dislike and discourse for you become one of your greatest supporters.

    A lady friend said to me years ago "Seek to Understand, not to be Understood." I live by this simple principle. It makes my life here a lot easier. I may not agree with someone's comment, preferences in vehicles or modifications or the color of their hair, but these are all individual aspects that makes them unique and I am not about to break someone or force my opinion down their throat.

    I am here to talk with my fellas and the folks about all things Mustang. :nice: But, on a larger scale, I am here to make the world a little better place than how I found it, and my car has little to do with that! :hail2:
  11. I like to see new guys online. Ask your questions. Learn how to do your own car work. There is nothing more satisifying than doing your own work when you know some chump at a local shop wanted $300 to do the same thing.

    When I owned my Focus, a bunch of us got together and installed lowering springs one Saturday. I think we did 8 cars that day. Most of those guys were noobs and had been quoted as much as $400 to do the install. Once we got going and we started working together we could do all 4 springs on a car in less than 15 minutes.

    Welcome to Stangnet.