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  1. Im lookin into getting a 4x4, and I dont want a v6....I cant afford a v8. So Im trying to look into the performance of inline 6 cylinder engines. I want between 200-300 hp to the wheels n/a. I know the 300's run forever, my dad had one for a long their cheap. I was just wondering what engine you consider is better, the mustang I6 or the 300. I know the 300 is bigger and uses the big block bell housing. Im looking at a early 90s explorer. I know they had problems, but I would be changing to solid front end and a new tranny and engine. Yea sorry guys i got into a rant, whats the better inline 6 cylinder? pros cons? thanks
  2. I don't think you're gonna fit a 300 I6 in the Mustang; unless you go "hoodless" and probably move the raditor support to right behind the grille. The block is quite a bit longer and taller.

    Having said that; the 200 can been made into quite the powerhouse. I6's are way underrated, maybe they're not a Windsor, but they're torquey little buggers!

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  3. Go to

    A lot of truck guys there will be able to help you out.

    I honestly don't know if the 170ci-200ci-250ci engines were available in 4x4 trucks other than the 70's Broncos.

    I would say the 300 would probably be your best bet for a good truck engine. Not only is it more common(if not the only option), but the bigger displacement is a no brainer, and the detachable intake is always a plus over the small 6's integral intake.
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    Wasn't paying attention and thought you were talking about sticking a 300 in a Stang. My bad.

    I've seen lots of F-series with I6's in them; as 66coupe said, they're nearly ALWAYS 300's. Seriously torquey motor, it has not a bunch of top end. However, given enough traction (and maybe EFI to obviate the floatbowl problems), you could probably take your truck vertical!

    And if something happens to pull you away from a FoMoCo vehicle; go for the GM 292 (kinda rare in 4x4's) or the Jeep 258. Both are big stout chunks of iron; not really screamin' motors (although the 258 has a bit of top-end), but they really hunker down and pull just like the Ford 300.

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  5. An injected 300 would be a good bet for a 4x4. I heard Jeep continued I6 use into the 90's with their Wranglers and Cherokees. I think an I6 project would be fun, but I am wondering about your "can't afford a V8" comment. My 302 (yes, only 2cid differance) Bronco cost me only 800, and it is dead on reliable. Ugly, but reliable.

  6. a 300 can be shoehorned into an early mustang, yes i have seen a few and the hoods even close, but you will have problems putting one into an explorer. one there may be enough room, but the rest of the drivetrain wont be up to the task. the 300 six uses the same bellhousing as the 302/351 V8's. i would suggest finding a 78 or later bronco with the 300 instead of trying to swap a 300 into an explorer.
  7. Unless you're refering to the 70's Explorer trim set of the Fseries.

  8. he did indicate however that he was going to look for an early 90's explorer, other wise i would say you are right.
  9. No fear, I have insurance rate 'problems' :notnice:

    As for the rest of the posts. I already had a bronco, 351w 4" lift on 33's limited slip front and rear. I want something new (both new to me and newer to the world). As far as the explorer drivelines go I know they are horrible. I have a complete driveline that would get installed from an F150. Whatever transfer case and tranny I could find that is good for my application I would use. Driveline installation isnt going to be a problem, my friends a ticketed welder and appreciates the free usage he gets out of my tire machine.
    So for fittament, people get 351w's into explorers. I know the 300 is probably longer. For hood clearance, 1-2" of body lift would fix it. Sorry Im gettin off topic. If I couldnt use the 300 I would use a 250, unless the v6 is better then the 250. I know its not better then the 300, plus I hate how v6s sound.
    300s put out 150 hp and 265 ft/lbs. Anyone know the mustang 250 #'s?
  10. Have you considered a split header set up, to create a dual exhaust system. I've heard they sound mean. Ask StDrmn' more about it. I heard about it from him. I've also heard a dual setup on a V6 stang. It fooled me for a bit; I thought it was a V8. Well..... It's your choice, but I like my Bronco. I think that the explorer is too small.

  11. Yep, an old friend of mine (and I do mean old relative to most of the members here- he's 68) has a late 70's/very early 80's CJ7, with a 258cid I6, a 390 cfm Holley 4BBL and Clifford split header - three ports per collector. No Cats, just an h-pipe, Flowmaster 50's and straight out the back; sounds mean!

    A 200 is easily as long - if not longer - than a Windsor, maybe even a Cleveland; ditto the height. The 300 is bigger in both dimensions. '66 Coupe mentioned checking out . That's a great idea - you'll find all kinds of stuff; including the installation of an Australian Ford 250 cylinder head. You get lotsa flow and a divorced intake (not integral to the head). From there, it's a short step to 4 bbl intakes or even the Australian EFI setup :nice:

    Put it this way; there's a '67 around the block from me - if the guy's wife and I could convince her husband and my wife to agree, the car would move from his carport to my backyard. The popped motor (oil drains out the hole made by a conn. rod) is a 289; so I'm brainstorming a Windsor. If it were a 200; I'd start spending a lot more time at :)

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  12. OK This may sound odd but have you ever considered getting a 90s Cherokee over an Explorer? A Cherokee, stock, is very capable on and off road, and after 1990 they came with the 190HP FI 4.0 I6 ( FYI the 4.0 I6 got a power increase in 1997, It was discontinued with the Cherokee when the Liberty came out, which uses a 3.7L V6 based off of the 4.7L V8 in the Grand Cherokee. I've driven a Liberty with the V6 and was disappointed with its lack of torque, curse the **** that killed the Cherokee anyways. But the 4.0 I6 can still be found in Wranglers probably until 2005, or whenever its german designed replacement comes along. Long live the Jeep I6!). Its a torquey little engine and can keep up with/beat any other SUV minus a Durango RT.The engine is very easy to get more power out of as well, as well as bullet proof,in fact I think the whole vehicle is almost all bullet proof. (Its a 40 yr old engine design). Heck offroading in aug i went through a mudhole in the mountains,got the jeep totaly submerged, and once i drove it out of the pit my engine died, but all I had to do was pop the air intake pipe, get some water out of the manifold, and it fired right up and hasnt complained once.I have a 1998 Cherokee putting out about 230HP and have gone over stuff with it that lifted up Toyotas and Explorers we're having trouble getting over. Plus it seems like theres a really good aftermarket support the the Cherokee's to. I can really feel the millitary heritage in my Cherokee just by the way it handles off road, it goes over trails so easy its not funny.
  13. I never used to like the explorer, untill my buddy started driving a fully loaded eddie bauer xlt model, leather interior. The insides are very comfy, especially in leather. I spent way too much time on my last bronco. My aunt has a cherokee (92?) 4.0L. I dont like the interior on the cherokees. If I was going to get a fullsize I would find a late 80s F series. Im on, I like the idea of the 300 because there is such a non-existant desire for the engine that parts and complete engines are dirt cheap. I could have one in the truck and a spare kicken around, plus I wouldnt have to use the explorer ignition system (wich i heard sucks, as well as the tranny)
    I have a fullsize 1/2 ton driveline for it. Dana 60 and ford 9". That means solid full size front axle, and fullsize rear. Probly end up with a 4x4 c6 transmission. Whatever I can find that works.
  14. a 250 mustang

    hey i have a 1969 mustang with a 250 ci, I belive it pushes out about 155 HP and about 210 lb./ft torque
  15. well like most women in my life this idea has come and gone. However the mingling idea of a f150 shortbox 4wd has never left me, Im still in the looking phase untill spring. I should have enough time to decide then. Thanks
  16. 250 for sale

    I've just picked up a 1969 Mustang with a 250 but I'm going to buy a V8. I really want to sell the 250 to help offset the cost of rebuilding the V8.

    The 250 does need to be rebuilt, but it runs ok. It is a bit fumey, but starts right up and goes down the road. I have a line on a 351W for real cheap so that's where I'm headed. The 250 is 155HP stock, but I read where you can buy Aussie head and carb and up that quite a bit.

    I've also got a 1999 Cherokee and can vouch for the I6 in there. Might be worth the effort to look for a used 6 from Jeep. They run and run and lots of low-end.

  17. hey i know where you can get a 351M truck engine with a c6 for $50 bucks. doubt if it runs but these are also seriously torquey, especially if they've got the 400 crank in there