You guys arent going to believe what I just bought!

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  1. Ahh thats not bad...your the same height as my brother-in-law.
    FWI I only weigh about 135, so im pretty skinny too lol. Although I have been eating 4 apple pies on my first break and a double cheese burger on my second break (at MC Ds) when I work. So hopefully ill keep going up in weight :banana:
  2. i am 6'1 154..:D
  3. Skinny?.. I say efficient :rlaugh:

    Less weight in the car during a race :D lol
  4. Tall ****er.. how's the weather up there?.. Let me know when it's going to rain again, so I can go grab my rain coat :lol:
  5. Hell, I havent seen 154 lbs. since middle school..........:eek: God I feel old:nonono:
  6. Wheezing geezer :D

    :jester: just playin mang! :)
  7. Rain coat is for little kids lol..And at least i dont have to worry about a girl being taller then me..Jason now didnt u till me u dressed up as a girl and they said u made a great girl!!:owned:
  8. :eek: :eek: You bastage!! :mad:

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  9. :rlaugh: LOL This is absolutly hillarious...I could sell this stuff :lol:
  10. I finally got my cams installed and tuned sounds mean at idle...blublubblubblubblub, also got a 87octane tune incase gas prices jump back up again, she made 253hp and 272.5 lb.ft of torque...mind you these numbers are not SAE corrected (anyone know the formula?). So if you multiply that by the 20% power loss thru the auto. im making 303hp and 326lb.ft of torque:nice:
  11. LOL thats what i heard..Sorry Jason i am not scared of a shirmp!!Go back to the ocean!!
  12. I can't swim :(

  13. AHAHAHAHAHAH :rlaugh: :rlaugh: Literly LOL and beating my bed.....THATS FREEGIN HILLARIOUS...I cant stop laughing lol!
  14. I like my shrimp deepfried with cocktail sauce and hushpuppies = :drool:
  15. Jason didnt u go shoping a few days ago for pink shirts and flip flops and then went to the taning bed!

  16. NICE! Those are good #s man...especially with 87 (should be about 8HP there) and an auto :D . As far as I know you cant covert it....I think you will just have to find another dyno :nice: . And yea the idle is killer :drool: ...glad I could point you in the right direction.

    How is the power difference? Could you really feel a big difference?
  17. :D I'm glad u liked that one :rlaugh:

    Hey now.. no bright ideas pal.. I'm not like that! :nono:

    :rlaugh: :jester:

    No you bastage.. i've already got the shirts and flip flops.. but I don't tan :mad: :nono:
  18. I thought u couldnt run cams with 87 octane and how dose the car feel now being a automatic i have thought about going stage 1s with my automatic..
  19. WOW 100 posts already in here! Maybe we can beat the sea foam thread! LOL J/K :D

    Anyways time for me to go to bed now guys...have to get up @ 4:30 AM :( .