You guys arent going to believe what I just bought!

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  1. Those numbers were with the 93 octane tune, my bad guys. It feels like I have gained some top end and mid-range, the hp peaks at 5400rpm and torque peaks at 4200 rpm. Maybe before I finish the semester Ill have a chance to go to the local 1/8 of a mile to see the results:nice:
  2. Later on Hot!
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    :rlaugh: just kidding mang!! :lol:

    I'll hold the fort down while you're gone :D :mad:
  4. Not bad at all..i am really thinking about stage1 cams later on i want to get 4.10 gears do the tb and plunem then cams......
  5. holy..... i couldnt believe what i was reading. i thought you were na all the way.

    once you get to our power levels, its just not nearly enough. i know why you changed your mind. the fi route is just easier and you wont spend as much cash.

    well im still going for the novi 2000 (500rwhp). it will take me 2 yrs probably. turbos seem too complicated for me.

    anyway, congrats on the mods! lets see what kind of power those things make!

  6. edit... nvm
  7. man this thread is comedy.

    im 6'1" 210lbs btw

    but also i think McT has a point, if the car has one bigger and one smaller turbo, it's known as twin turbo. if both turbos are the same size, they are known as bi-turbo.

    only car i can think of that is bi-turbo off the top of my head is a prosche.

    but make sure to hook up two leaf blowers into the turbos, i heard it adds 50 front wheel horsepower
  8. I have NEVER heard that in my life. Only reason you would have two different sized turbos is for an in-line motor that wants to spool a big turbo. With a V-8 you have 4 cylnders feeding each turbo. COMPLETELY different. If anything, a bi-turbo would be the inline motors running 2 turbos.
  9. ^AHHHH gotcha! actually after thinkin about it, the car i was thinking of was a supra, and that is an inline six.

    so ab281FTW
  10. Hotmustang331 How much $$ do you think you will be into the TT all said and done? I have never even considered going the turbo route, but now I am intrigued...
  11. No matter how you cut it, it's still a 2 Valve brch! :w00t:
  12. 2v > immobile 4v
  13. :eek:

  14. :(

    :eek: :eek: :rlaugh: :lol:
  15. go buy more parts for your engine that don't fit brch
  16. stfu n00b
  17. bi = two
    turbo = turbo

    bi+turbo = 2 turbo(s) OR TWIN stinkin turbo. jeez
  18. Dont forget, turbod 2V> N/A B port 4V :D

    Yea I know adrenln...this just basically happened lol. Dang I wish I did like you and bought blower/trubo cams lol...but I had NO idea I would do that haha. I was talking to my dad, and I think im going to go ahead and order EVERYTHING tonight. He says we can have everything fabbed up and ready to roll in about 3 weeks (he is VERY good at that a newb lol).

    STNG let me bust out the calculator for you and ill post in a few....
  19. Ok - the tune ill have about $3000 in it TOTAL. Thats inculding new fuel pump/injectors/L90MM MAF/2 waste gates/1 BOV/$1300 kit for piping/$500 for both turbos.

    Im going to look around to see if there are any other things I need.

    Im thinking ill see around 420-440RWHP/500RWTQ @ 8PSI.

    Well after thinking about it, ill have $4000 after the tune and all the gauges..mabe a little more. Still cheaper than a mongoose kit, and MUCH cheaper than a KB...and WAY cheaper than any other twin turbo kits...almost half the cost actually. :nice: Im happy :D

    WHOO HOO Got my turbos in today :banana: .

    Here are the pictures :D.












    And the "instructions" LOL



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