You guys been following this? MGW shifter

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  1. I'm sure it's a nice piece but,I highly recommend the Steeda Tri Ax!
    I love mine :nice:
  2. Yup. I was planning on the tri-ax. If you check for a recent thread in the 4.6 modular forum there's a couple guys who have upgraded from a tri-ax and claim there's no comp. MGW hands down. There's a couple people in the thread i linked who switched from a tri-ax also. Comments such as "quieter, faster, more solid" are leaning me towards this shifter.

  3. Seems a shame to cover it all up with the boot!
  4. I know right?? Look on Page 21 of the thread i linked. There's a side by side of the steeda with the MGW. The MGW just looks SO much stouter. The real trick is he raised the pivot point. This makes the center to center from the pivot point to the ball that actually seats in the tranny longer. This effectively reduces the amount the handle needs to travel between gears. Shorter than any shifter on the market!! Pretty freakin amazing. I am thoroughly impressed. When i get home i'll host some pics onto this thread. New firewall at work and i can't access my server anymore :(.

  5. It's hard to tell from the pics I saw (dial up, duh); but do the annodized pieces bolt on the shifter shaft - and then the shift handle bolts on the threaded shaft of the annodized piece?

    If so, it looks like there's only a set screw to keep the annodized piece from rotating on the shifter shaft. On the one hand, I'd think aggressive pounding of the gears could spin that right around. On the other hand, the design looks so robust that I can't believe they'd miss something like that. So I must be missing something. What keeps the annodized piece from rotating once it's bolted down?
  6. There's a ring below the anodized handle that locks into grooves in the base of the handle. Then the additional locking ring on top. Add in 2 set screws and it's going nowhere. George at MGW says he got the idea for the locking design from one of his pieces of heavy equipment. He is assuring that it can not move. A couple of the people that have it have been pounding on it hard to see if it will slip and nothing yet. Rock solid. It's hard to see in the pictures given on page 21 but the lockdown mechanisms are actually very clever. It makes for an easy adjustment as well as a solid lock down. here's a snippet..

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    Still looks like it'll come loose. Should have some splines to clock your position. If you man handle it to second through forth, going back and forth with the threads would work something lose.

    (reply from George)

    "it may look that way but i assure you it is a good design. this was one of the main focus points in my design of the handle. i took the idea from the thrust bearing setup on our cnc machining centers. they are 18,000 pound verticals with 15hp motors. the spanner nut has a TREMENDOUS amount of applied torque and the lock screws further bind the 3 pieces together. if you install this correctly you would liter5ally need the strength of a gorilla to loosen it. i do not care how much man handling you do"
  7. Shifter has a locking washer that goes between, Check out for picks assembly.

    Yup. check that out. about halfway down. You can see the spanner w/set screws, and locking washer. The few people over at fordpower using them swear you can't budge it. Some of them have allready thrown quite a bit of mileage on these shifters.
  9. Thanks 83GT - I knew there had to be some sort of mechanical lock given the rest of the design.

    It's beautiful for sure. I'd want a clear boot to show it off. I'll stick with my B&M - gets the job done just fine on my non-raced daily driver. I outfitted it with the stock Stang handle to get enough clearance so I can get CD's into the player when cruising in 5th!
  10. Damn Michael, if i'm ever in knoxville i have to check out that volvo. Looks BADDDD. I've allways dug on volvos and to see one with some real guts.. :D

    I'm looking for an upgrade to my stock shifter anyway. We all know they suck and mine is totally dogged out to boot. Sloppy as... heh.. well, too sloppy. I had my heart set on the tri-ax but not anymore :D.

  11. Wondering if its better than a Pro 5.0? Got one and love it, never missed 3rd.
  12. oops nevermind found it
  13. I just phoned in my order. 2 weeks before the next batch comes in. Arghhhhhhhh i cannot wait!

  14. yeah i think iam gonna dump my triax for that shifter or a pro 50 besides am i the only one here that has broken a triax shifter handle yet i definetly think steeda has to rethink that shifter becuase it sucks
  15. If you're going to try another shifter i would definately give this one a shot. Pro 5.0 and triax guys are all saying the same thing, the MGW rocks! It's going to be about 2 weeks before MGW gets their new ones in so there'll be a wait but i'm sure it'll be worth it :D. I'll be sure and post my feelings about it here when it comes in.

  16. Quick question about shifters/trannys... is it true that the TKO 500 and T5Zs use the same shifter?
  17. heh, thought this deserved a bump due to the new article on stangnet homepage about this shifter.

    Sorry i can't answer your question Daggar but i believe you are correct.

  18. i want one :drool: i was going to get a tri ax but im considering this one, for almost the same price it looks amazing! one thing im looking at though is the shifts look so short it might now even be fun.. id definatly go with the red handle
  19. Question. Being that the handle does not bolt on in the regular way, does that mean you can angle it towards you? If that is the case, that has to be a perfect design. It would allow the driver to custom fit his (or her) shifter to their own size and preference. Do they have them for the TKO or T56? How much?