You guys been following this? MGW shifter

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  1. So MGW or Pro5.0?

    I have always heard great things about the Pro5.0.

    Since I have a stock shifter, can I go wrong by purchasing the new MGW shifter?

    I think this is my only wishlist item this year! :nice:
  2. I'll be saving for that one!
  3. a few pics of the install:

    [​IMG] a few pics of the install:

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  4. ...[​IMG]

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  5. last one...[​IMG]

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  6. WOW that looks beautiful, do you have any pics of the boot on? why does it look like the shift knob is only on half way? is that how it is? anyway thats the only thing on my christmas list this year, :banana:

    EDIT: just saw that picture ;)
  7. is that the red handle?

  8. Yes the handle can be angled any way you like. 360 degree adjustability. They do offer the shifter for T56.

    C.Harris, Thanks for the pics and the excellent write-up!!

  9. Cool.

    How much?
  10. shifter with your choice of one handle is set at $175 plus shipping. $7 ground $14 second day. You can add the other handle in so you can have both for another $25. I ordered mine with the red handle. I can allways grab the blue handle later if i feel the need for a shorter handle.

  11. Thanks for the info. Considering the features, that is a good price.
  12. Charris, I hope you don't mind but i threw those 3 pics up on my server to host over at foureyedpride for a bit until i get my shifter in and get some pics of my own. Let me know if it's a problem and i'll take them down. I'm also going to link to your review. Got some curiousity going over there...

  13. LOL that's exactly what I think of most shifters. Why make these things "look cool" and have differently-colored powdercoated pieces or polished, ect. when you don't see a single bit of it when all is said and done?
  14. Sure, no problem, I'm a member over there too :nice:

  15. actaully in our case the anodizing has a purpose...

    1. the black base is actually a type 3 hard coat anodize to avoid the raw aluminum from galling when the pivot ball rocks back and forth which can make the shifter feel rough and notchy and also contaminate the grease.

    2. the blue and red handles are anodized strictly for identification purposes. both for us and our cusotmers. that way if i get a cusotmer calling with our shifter and says he wants a shorter throw or longer handle for better vreach i can find out for sure which handle he already has by just asking what color it is. :nice:

    still a shame to cover it up though :flag:

  16. George!! Hurry up an get those shifters in, i'm dyin to get it!!! hehehe. Excellent work man. I'm sure i'm not the only one telling you, i am VERY VERY impressed!