you guys dont like the TB whistle??

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do YOU like the whistle some TBs give?

  1. your daggum right!

  2. it sucks

  3. i hate throttle bodies i like carbs

  4. whats this whistle?

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  1. i got my mustang running yesterday ( had t5 rebuilt) and i got a Pro products 70mm tb and put it on. you can really hear the air come in and it has the "whistle" people hate. it doesnt bother me... i think it sounds pretty cool actually.

    just submitting my personal opinon and decided to make a poll..
  2. Mine doesn't whistle but I wouldn't like if it did. I prefer my whine to have some whoosh to it ;)
  3. i used to be able to hear mine and it never really bugged me, now i can't here it over my turbo spooling..........
  4. My pro products TB doesn't make any noise. I think it would probably bother me if it did.