You guys ever have this problem (Wheel Locks / lug nuts)

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  1. So i ordered some rims a while back (id rather not say what kind till the car is done) but anyways, i just got around to mounting them... i have issues...

    The well that the lug nut goes in is deep... real damn deep.. they sent me closed end lug nuts, and i went to put them on, so i put a lug in the wheel lock key, and started threading it on.

    The damn wheel lock key is too short. It will only go on like 2 threads before the hex part starts touching the rim.

    I have already called gorilla and asked for a longer key, or longer lug nuts, to no avail.

    Has anyone else ran into this, and if so, how did you remedy it?

    Picture of key im talking about..

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    I need that thing to be about an inch longer. Gorilla doesnt make one any longer :(
  2. :lol: CT?

    Sorry, no. I'd suggest not using locking lugs if they cause that much of a problem, or trying another company. Grinding the key won't help either I guess :notnice:

  3. DAMN YOU! lol i didnt even think of that!!

    Whichever lug nuts i use (these are all a locking, fluted style, so the key changes out all 16 lug nuts) i would still need hella long lug nuts, or a longer key.

    I just gave the key to my machinist, and told him to figure something out.
  4. Grind down the HEX part and weld that ***** to a tire iron :nice:

  5. Thats about what hes going to do... if we have chrome steel rod small enough, im going to have him cut the end off and extend that hex out about an inch and a half.
  6. :D :rlaugh:

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  8. :lol: Oh ****!!!
  9. What did I do?:shrug:

  10. You should be asking "What didnt i do"

    It would be a shorter list :mad:

  11. :rlaugh:
  12. I love having a machine shop here... they put my key on a lathe and turned the first hex completely off to give me some more room... ill see how it works tonight :nice:

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  13. Looks nice :nice:

    And the key too.
  14. HOLY ASS!!! PWND! hahaha

    did it work mang? the fixed key?

  15. Its close... i took the lug nut, and put it in the key and stuck it in the wheel last night. if i had 1/8" more of clearance, id be fine. i think that when i tighten them down all the way, the socket or lug wrench will only be about half on the hex part of the key. I was going to try and mount the rear wheels last night, but i had a few beers and didnt want to screw anything up.
  16. Yea better wait until your thinking straight! I was having a similar problem with mine although it caught enough to go in. I wish they made longer lug nuts or something!