You guys ever have this problem (Wheel Locks / lug nuts)

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  1. Im thinking that if this doesnt work, that im going to try and find longer thin walled lugs... somene HAS to make these damn things.
  2. Dude, check this out... it says for light duty trucks, but these should work, eh? if we can get them in the 1/2 - 20 size we need :shrug:

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  3. hmmm you know that would work! at least i would feel better knowing they are tight!!!!

    I have to get the stang running again tho :(

  4. Didnt you get the box i sent yet?
  5. not yet. hopefully today! :nice:

  6. If you dont get it around lunch time, let me know and ill get a tracking number.
  7. :lol:


    PS: Good luck on ur car mang. I've stayed out of it cause I had a similar problem and it ended up being a bad distributor AND a part of the ignition... a spring of some type. I had 2 problems so I couldn't really help ya :(
  8. I love this guys is funny guys :)
  9. :banana:
  10. If you didn't already have a "good" one in place.
  11. whew...

    cleared ct ownage thank goodness :nice: :D

  12. you lucky so and so!!!! :mad: