You guys ever heard of this ..??

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  1. Passport SRX under-hood radar detector

    Trying to find one.. or if anyone has one like, does it work well.....
    Post up your comments PLEASE !!! I just got my 4th ticket in 4 months and I think i need to invest in one !
  2. Get a Bel. They are like 100 bucks and work awesome.
  3. No offense, but after 4 tickets in 4 months, you need to slow down. Not try to get around the law.
  4. 51 in 45 kinda bull **** right ??
  5. Sure it is, but if that was your 4th one, and the officer saw how many you had in such a short period there's no way they're cuttin you a break.

    Radar detector helps, but the first ticket I got in like 2 years was with my detector up, got busted with laser. It's not 100%, better to just slow down dude or be more carefull about how you speed...I learned that the hard way.
  6. 51 is greater than 45, thus making it speeding :shrug:

    I have 2 Bel's :nice: and a dad that's a cop :nice: :nice:
  7. You only need to spend $100-125 on a radar detector.
  8. its the car.

    i got it twice now for being the nicest car in the back of the pack. 80 on the freeway? are you ****ting me? 2 out of 3 times ive been pulled over going the same speed as the pack ive gotten a ticket. the first i was amazed but couldnt fight it unless i wanted to drive 4 hours each way just to get the court date(ticket was in LA), plus i was getting PASSED by other cars yet i was the one speeding? the second i got off because the guy had no radar and the two others in my car all witnessed me going the same speed as the other cars and that the cop was profiling so he gave up. third was doing 82 downhill and of course, getting passed by other cars in the fast lane while coming around a sloping curve on the freeway, cop was on the embankment with his rader out, we made eye contact so what does he do, he aims the gun at my car and ONLY my car as it drives by. his exact words "you shouldnt be driving a car like this if you want to speed" WTF does that mean, does that mean if i had a ****ty car i can speed? does that mean that you just target nice cars because you assume they (the owners) have the money to pay for the bogus ticket?

    these reasons are why im now driving my 91 awd gsx daily. it looks like ****, dented to ****, rusted out rims. just as fast (soon to be faster) as my GT and doesnt get looks from nobody.
  9. I have a BEL too. Like someone else said its not 100%. You still need to be careful about your driving habits. I mainly have it so I know when they are in my area. I actually speed less now that I have the Stang than I did before with the F150.

  10. No way is it the car.

    I have a 03 GT vert (Torch Red) and nothing. (Just watch me get a ticket now this week).
  11. SLow down...............VT1 ftw
  12. Ya I know I have to slow down... been in iraq so long with no speed limits its a habbit.......thanks for the response guys, mayby I just need a POS daily driver to curb my random outburst of speed...haha
  13. We install the SRXs on a lot of higher-end cars @ work (Ferrari, Maserati, Bentley, etc.) and I can tell you that a) they're expensive and b) they're require A LOT of labor to get them wired in. I honestly don't think they're worth it...just get a decent cheaper one and do what I do on the freeway...use the cruise control so the right foot doesn't get carried away. Radarbusters is a decent website for reviews of the latest, greatest detectors out there...:nice:

    This is a list of the equipment Team Polizei uses in the Bull Run and Gumball rallys.


    I happened upon this by accident. I was driving down the NJ turnpike a couple days ago and I had 4 cars pass by me, stickered up and going fast. Turns out it was from Bull Run 2007 Montreal to Key West. I started looking on the web and discovered all about the rallies and teams. Pretty cool stuff.