you guys ever seen one of these.WIERD CHARGER

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  1. that thing scares me, i would stay away from it. looks pretty though.
  2. I dont know what the hell it is.. and I wouldnt trust it.
  3. Yup, seen it before. I've heard a lot of great things about it. Seen it on a car at Livernois and the guy told me it was one of their prototypes and he's never had a problem with it. He said it produces boost faster than any of the other ones yet. I'm still waiting on proof for that statement.
  4. I dont see how.. what is so different about it? :shrug:
  5. Let's see if we can get 5.0 to do an article/test on it.
  6. smaller package is supposed to help generate boost faster. I think they just put a turbo compressor and a hybrid blade with a "special" gear drive. The impeller is supposed to be one of the strongest. The guy I meant must of been trying to sell me one. He disconnected the discharge tube and tossed some gravel in the damn thing while it was spinning. Dust came out and when he shut it down, we looked at the blades and they looked like nothing happened. I was impressed..........that he was such a idoit for doing that. He did prove a point though, they are strong.
  7. The gravel test huh? Sound like something from one of those 3AM Ronco Food Chopper Infomercials! Or the kitchen knife that cuts bricks in half, but never gets dull. And of course, the penny-cutting scissors! "The new Ronco Supercharger! Perfect for the 5.0 owners who offroad their Stangs with the filter off! Only three hundred easy payments of $19.95!!!"
  8. i dont want one, i'd just never seen it before... cool idea though huh
  9. Looks like the real deal. Interesting design. Make sense. Who knows we will prolly hear more about in the future.
    If I saw some dude putting rocks into it and nothing happened....I'd freakin own one.
  10. wonder if it anything like the rotrex unit?
  11. Yeah, but a already have a powerdyne(no laughing) and my next power adder is going to be a single turbo DIY build. Nothing like the sound of a jet powered mustang!:nice: