You guys have been real cool here....

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  1. Its time for me to get rid of my wonderful car. What many of you don't know is that I have been fighting cancer for 2 years. I will go into remission for a few months then it comes right back. Talked to my doctor and he say he is putting me in a Terminal Status. The car has just been sitting in the garage since I bought it. I'm prolly going to ask around what I payed $12,900, and take offers since I need to get rid of it quick in case something happens to me. Burns me to get rid of it, but I cant even enjoy it, and cant work on it since I have been so weak lately. I would rather someone who knows a nice car buy it and enjoy it rather then someone who just wants a fast car, you know. So if you know someone who wants an awesome street machine, send them my way. Again, thanks guys for all the tips and laughs while I have been on here.

    P.S. The title should be coming in my name any day now, lol that tells you how long its been in the garage. I just start it and drive it up and down the street every week for the tires sake.

  2. Dude, that totally blows. I will pray for you. I really hope to best on a the speed sale of you car. Sounds like an awesome car.
  3. hope you beat the cancer and get back into a Stang! Good luck selling it.
  4. Man im really sorry to hear this man :( But never give up...remember, its not over until GOD says its over. A lady at my church had cancer all through her body...90+% from what I recal and basically all of her major organs were ate up. Had been dealing with it for quite a while. Doctors gave her a few weeks to live and sent her home to die. She came to our church and we prayed for her. She went BACK to the doctor the next week and get this. ZERO cancer in her body....that was almost 10 years ago and she is still kicking.

    TRUE story, and the doctors absolutly flipped out LOL....they didnt know what to say.

    Anyways good luck with your car and remeber if its Gods will, you will pull through this. Just have to ask and wait.
  5. fight it hard man, that really sucks and i kind of know what you are going through in some ways....hopefully everything works out and you will end up back in another mustang, maybe something better!!
  6. Sorry to hear that, man. Good luck.
  7. Luke, I am really sorry to hear that. I know we talked before how we are both on the same chemo treatment but I didnt know you were at this point. I hope you dont leave the site cus I would be really sad not to have you on here anymore. Jus because the stang is gone doesnt meen you are not still a stang nut. I truly believe you will make it through this and have another Cobra in no time.

    Its not everyday you meet someone named Luke driving a car named Darth Vader :)

    Oh, wonderful! I see my CT has been changed again :nonono:
  8. Positive thought and prayer/faith can move mountains...sounds cliched but it's true. Anyway I'll be praying...
  9. Sorry to hear about that Luke. I'm sad to hear that you are selling Darth Vader(The car I helped you name). Don't give up hope and fight hard. My prayers are with you. I hope to see you get back on that stang:flag:
  10. Keep fighting and God Bless you.
  11. Thanks guys, Im not giving up, but my body is getting tired. I feel like I have aged 10 years from this chemo. Thanks all for the support, really helps me out.
  12. Just said a prayer right now, We'll keep them comin Luke.
  13. I really wish I was not too sick to work because I would love to buy your car and play with it till you got well again and sell it back to you. I couldnt even imagine selling my Cobra, on the days I feel really bad it makes me feel so much better to just sit in the car port and stare at her, I know it sounds cheesy but it really helps me. I know how much you love your Cobra and you worked really hard on her, I just wish I could help.
  14. I can't even imagine. Prayers coming from St Pete buddy.
  15. I'm sorry bro.... You know what's right for you. My prayers are with you. "Never give up"

    Please stay on stangnet so we all can still BS with you:SNSign:
  16. sorry man. i hate to hear this. honestly i feel upset.

    i hope both of you guys dealing with this pull through!!!!
  17. My thoughts exactly.

    Turn it over to the man upstairs. I'll keep both of you in my prayers.
  18. My mother died of cancer, so although I can't truly relate to you, I can. May God be with you and bless you.

    As long as people don't start making offers on the car, I have no problem keeping this open.
  19. You have my thoughts.

    Like everyone else has said here, don't give up. I'd say it's better to go out with a bang then a sizzle, so fight tooth and nail!
  20. i think its time to go out and do EVERYTHING you have ever wanted to do. no matter what the cost
    i hope you pull thru this but if by some chance you dont you can always look back and say you have no regrets:nice:

    live your life to the fullest. you never know when it may end. that goes for any of us.