You guys have been real cool here....

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  1. I read this earlier and couldnt think of anything to say , I was just in shock. It sucks that things like this always happen to the cool people while the crappy people just seem to never have anything go wrong. My prayers are with you bro and I wish you the best in your good fight.
  2. stay strong bro

    i think my stang definatly helped me get things off my mind when i was going through my cancer crap, just get in the car and go cruise. nothing to think about except the next turn. i hope everything turns out alright
  3. although I only know you from this site, I hope that you are able to fight this off. I know you want to, I will also hold a place for you in my prayers :)
  4. I'm sorry to hear that man.. i had testicular cancer when i was in high school, i know its not a serious as yours but it sure messes with your life to hear the doctor say cancer... you might sell the stang but still hit us up on the site man, i'm sure everyone would love to see ya around...

    i hope the best for you, never stop fighting and live life to the fullest!!

    hope to see ya around man,
  5. stay strong man, like many have stated here, there are often good unexpected things in store for many of us. :nice:
  6. Thanks all, I mean it. And, thanks for the prayers too. I'll update you on my condition. I have Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, and a real aggressive one too. If I let it go untreated it could kill me in aboutt 3-4 months. Been through one Autologous Transplant and it still came back in 3 months. Doctors are about out of options
  7. i pray that you will have a full recovery. there are miracles out there and hopefully you're one of them.
  8. Keep your head up, we'll keep you in prayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. No doubt, a black Cobra (evil), driven by a guy named Luke, lol. How ironic is that? I don't want to sell it, trust me. I just feel that I could pay some medical bills or something. I havent even registered it, lol. Its been in the garage after the last time I washed it. Start it up twice a week, and take it down the block once a week. Who knows, if I survive this cancer, I may end up getting a Terminator or something.
  10. My fellow Stanger, try as best you can to stay positive and FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT. Our prayers are with you and your family.
  11. You're in my prayers, Zax.

    Good luck with the sale.

    :canada: :flag:
  12. Thanks Guys
  13. Just said a little prayer for you, bud. Be strong, keep fighting!
  14. Sorry to hear about your whole situation Luke. I will be praying for you to pull through and beat the cancer. Stay strong and keep your faith, the man upstairs works in mysterious ways.
  15. :lol: that is pretty ironic, but very cool:D I'm looking forward to seeing your future Terminator Luke, I know you'll make, people on here are all with you in prayer.

  16. I understand those situations, same at my church, im with ya :)
  17. Sorry man. Atleast you appreciate what you have. Some people never know and live miserable.