You guys have to check out this garage I just went to!

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  1. Some of the cars this guy had. I didn't take pictures of other cars like Maserati, another Porsche, Escalades, etc.

    Aston Martin. 1 of 99 made.

    Another Aston Martin.


    Another Ferrari.

    Maybach - couldn't get a very good picture since that thing is so big.

    Ford GT - He doesn't really care for it. Says it's all sloppy and no different than a Mustang. Wish he'd trade me my Mustang for it since they're the same anyway.


    XJ220 with 900KM on it and REGISTERED!

    Carrera GT

    Me wishing it was mine :)

    He drives all those cars too.
    Said if the roads weren't dirty with melting snow and sand we could take them out. Hopefully next time!

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  2. wow thats a rich mofo i cant even afford a cobra
    why would he buy the gt if he didnt like how it handled?
  3. Dont feel bad, I cant even afford tires for my Cobra :nonono:
  4. WOW,

    Ugly garage but beautiful collection. I would love to get in that F40. I guess i will be the first to ask where he got the means to have it. I would guess he owns his own business, sold a business, is a developer, or has a swolen trust fund. Either way the guy is cool in my book!
  5. To think, just one of those cars could almost pay half or all of an average home here. Guy obviously has had some success in something, and in that case would do what he does and become his best friend LOL.
  6. you would think he would spend some money on his garage,he appears to have it
  7. Man you guys are hard to please :) He certainly has the money. The cars are nothing compared to his planes. Probably 20 Million worth.

    They moved there not long ago. Those garages are actually 2 different ones that are new and still getting finished.

    He's an investor now. Races Grand Am and prototypes for fun as well.
  8. pshhh.. thats nothin.. my civic Si would rape all those cars yo, i call my third gear the Aston Martin, F40,Maybach, and all the others you listed KILLER!!! and thats before my wire loom and my cold air intake!!!
  9. who let you in my garage!
  10. :rlaugh: you beat me to it

    awesome cars! i wouldnt mind rollin around in the jag or GT :D
  11. The Aston Martins are sweet...I wish u wouldve got a pic of the Maserati though...I love those cars & they sound wicked...How could he compare the Ford GT to a Mustang though??? Its far from a Mustang....How could he not like the Ford GT? anyway, nice pics....
  12. Not a huge fan of those type of cars , but god those Aston Martins are pretty sexy. How could someone not love a GT ?
  13. My jaw dropped when I saw that Jag. Yes, they are all exotic and expensive but that is a rare vehicle right there.
  14. you never said who the hell the guy was???

    just that you were in some random garage!!

    awesome cars, to say the least.
  15. He's a businessman and also drives Grand Am and prototype races. I'm not going to say on here who he is and where he lives, etc. Enjoy the cars :)

    Yeah I certainly wouldn't mind one. I don't think he completely dislikes it, he just said it's nothing special. Said if you drove a Mustang, you pretty much drove a GT. He said the GT just rattles, sloppy suspension, sloppy steering. He drove the original GT helping the guy tune the suspension and said that he loved it.

    But then, he has the Carrera parked next to it so I'm sure you get what you pay for. He said, "nothing bad can be said about it..." :nice:
  16. An F40,and Carrera GT.Niiice!
  17. You have to respect his opinion about the GT, he obviously isn't a bench racer and knows what he likes and not likes. I find it hard to believe the negative impression on it, since there have been many reviews, comparison how the car basically out performs cars in it's class that are twice it's price if not more. How you can say it's just like a mustang sounds alittle harsh, if it were just a mustang then it would be 50K or under right? But even with that being said, I've never driven a Ford GT, so how do I know it it's all that amazing? However, seems like he might have something against american cars, too bad that Aston Martin is a glorified Ford.
  18. He's got an American Escalade... :)

    I won't doubt what he says though...he has the experience

    After all, he drives these too (not his team)