You guys like the Fray?

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  1. So as the title says, any of you guys like the Fray? Im going to see them tonite at Trustees Theatre here in Savannah and im really pumped. Too bad i got kinda ****ty seats, i just havent had good luck gettin good concert seats lately.
  2. Classic Rock and Southern Rock's my fav but I also dig them and their style of music.
  3. I heard their shows aren't very good. They came here to OU and that was the reaction I got from 99% of the people who went. Not that they didn't like their music, but that they just sat there and played it, with nothing exciting. Might as well listen to their CD if they are going to do that.
  4. they are the ****
  5. I like them but I've also heard that their concerts are pretty boring...
  6. oh well, hopefully a couple beers before it will make it better:D
  7. that would be a hell yes here, my friend. When I am in a mellow mood, this is probably the best cd I could think of. Every song in it is good. how was the show?
  8. the show was really really good...we had balcony seats, but we were at such a small theatre there there weren't really any bad seats
  9. I feel a little limp wristed while listening to The Fray.

  10. I went to one of their shows a couple months ago. It was pretty good, but nothing amazing.
  11. yea ill agree with that....i think that since it was a college show, the crowd pumped them up a bit more cause they said the crowd was a lot better in the small theatre here in savannah than it was in atlanta last week at a mucher bigger show
  12. I think, overall, small venue/ big bands are the *****. It's soo much more convenient for everybody as far as just enjoying the show. and as said before, no bad seats in a small place.
  13. exactly, i had a blast, and we wee about 6 rows from the top of the balcony...

    they also played with band called mute math but they werent very good...they just made a lotta noise, and at one point, the guitarist put his guitar down, and picked up his pedal board and started pushing buttons and turning knobs
  14. No

    Listen to napalm death. Its much better.
  15. You know how i know you're gay? :D

    Metal/hardcore FTW!
  16. haha lemme guess....cause i listen to the fray? haha real

    anyway, i listen to everything from the fray, guster, dispatch, jack johnson to metallica, pantera, children of bodom, in flames, a well rounded musician
  17. My girl loves them. So i kinda started to like them after she exposed me to them. We went to see them here at San Diego State university when they came. It was a great show. It was called rain or shine and it started to rain during the concert everyone loved it!!