You guys like these rims...??

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  1. no i dont like those rims
  2. No thanks. FR500s FTW!
  3. no.... those arent so great. cant pull it off as well as the 93R
  4. I like them but there are others I'd buy first. I've only seen them on two cars, both black. This is the only picture I have. There's also a black LX Hatch out there with them but I can't find the pic.

  5. i love them but the center caps would have to be powder coated black as well
  6. i just dont like black wheels period so my opinion is biased...i think they look terrible
  7. maybe all black, definately all chrome would look good
  8. Yeah, the chrome center cap kinda throws it off a bit for me. Paint or buy some black centercaps, and they'd look killer on a black or red notch - with other colors (blue, silver, gray), I don't think they'd look right.

    I know it's done to death, but on a Fox, you just can't go wrong with Pony rims. :nice:
  9. im not a big fan, it might be the center cap that throws it off for me
  10. :notnice:

    Can't go wrong with most any Cobra wheel... except those. Most wheels that hide the lugs don't look good.

  11. Not sure what it is exactly....But this car is HOT!! Anyoone know who owns it? (SSP car, that is). :shrug:
  12. /\ I agree, those wheels look awesome on that SSP. I've been thinking about getting them for my black hatch, but I would definitely paint the center caps like most of you said.
  13. I think the center cap kinda sets the lip of the wheel off.???? I don't know which way to go on this. I thought I wanted black wheels with a chrome/polished lip untill I had them photochopped on my car here. Just didn't look as good as I thought. It was too much black for me, maybe the centercap being polished may set them off more. I'de like to see them on a all black GT to see??
  14. They actually look pretty good on a black stang, I bought them for my GT, but after I installed them I don't like the way they looks, so I'm working a deal with this guy to either sell them to him or trade them for the 15 inch drag lites he's got and his stang is black.

  15. I might be a bit biased but you can't go wrong with Ponies on a fox. Especially chrome on black!
  16. I have chrome bullitts on my Black Mach and love em, but that black Fox with the black rims above looks pretty cool too:nice:
  17. I like them for an SSP since it matches what they'd normally have, but not so much for anything else. Would be better for a non SSP if the center caps were black also.