You guys ready for THIS Elenore ??

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    EDIT: Before anyone takes this post the wrong way it is NOT a slam on Elenore style cars. I don't have a problem with Elenores (just Shelbanores). I just think the OCC argumentary style bikes are a little old.
  2. Where will they put the "Go baby Go" nitrous shifter on a motor cycle? hmm this should be interesting
  3. that should be the coolest "eleanor" around at least it won't screwing up a stang :nice:
  4. my cousin's gf use to work at OCC. They are located in my hometown in Orange County, NY
  5. OH MY GOD !!! Before long there wont be any custom choppers left ! :rlaugh: How interesting. What in the WORLD will that look like ????
    Gotta admit though, for yanks those boys are damn good fabricators.
    Did anyone see the I Robot bike?
  6. Yep! The I Robot bike has to be one of the baddest bikes they've ever built!
  7. 2 cars for 1 bike.

    Dang I wish I came across deals like this.
  8. They make amazingly beautiful cars, fast and likely well made. Oh did I mention over priced. Still the fake gt350 was totally rad.
  9. On the suicide shifter :nice:
  10. Hee hee!

    Let's see if the boyz at OCC can fight and dis-agree more than the current Calamity at S.A. and Uniqueperformance! Next thing, they'll make a Series-1 bike that isn't as much of a failure as the car!!! :rlaugh: