You guys rock...!

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  1. I've been a member of many sites besides this one dating back to 1999. Had to leave most of them because of the BS that certain members are allowed to put out there. Been with MW, "TangNet" (our current site before it grew up), Corral, BAM and a couple others. But came back here cause once the rules were changed to make this place much more mature and not a bashing site like so many others... I had to settle in here.

    I have to say that we hold our own. Our tech is not bad. And our members for the most part are decent people. Our debates don't get too ugly.

    Hail all mighty :SNSign:

    (This will probably die off quick but I had to say it. All you SN's are welcome at my house any time for a few cases of beer and some sweet mustang talk. :hail2: )
  2. One thing I do like about this site is it's alittle more loose than some other sites. Some Mustang sites act more like church sites than a car site. People can actually say what they feel, and some of the humor can be crude, but I think it's funny and that suits my sick sense of humor. :nice:
  3. im down for a road trip to CO for some beer and car talk.
    btw, i noticed this at the party i was at last night. you know youre a real gearhead when you start talking about cars after a few drinks:D
  4. do you have scotch too?
  5. [​IMG]

    I wish people would spend more time in ALL the forums and not just their own little villages. I think every enthusiast has something to offer sitewide and can learn a lot by hanging out in multiple forums.
  6. yes this place does kick ass :)
  7. meh,
    i browse other sections but don't post because i don't need to be bothered with my pushrod is better then your modular crap :) and the V6.....nevermind. I used to like the OT area but most of the over opinionated buttheads from each forum gather there and it gets old real fast. I'll stick with the modular crowd. We are disrespected and underestimated and this is a good group of posters here.
  8. I respect your point of view. :)

    Isolationism is a scary concept, however.
  9. You, me and Johnnie... Walker, Black (or red) :nice:
  10. not all the times, i consider the Delaware River a godsent :hail2:
  11. :lol:
  12. All Hail Tommustang
    All Hail svttech

    killy for prez

  13. If this was the real world i'd mingle with all because i am social but its the internet and someone always has to be a smartass. So i prefer staying in a safe environment and keeping the E hardass's at bay. 4.6 section just has alot of new guys who are looking for help and not bashing you because your not a mechanic or hardcore racer like some sites cough MD cough....i like SN and spend most of my online entertainment time here...


    now if we could turn the classifieds section into a forum like this most of us would never have to go anywhere else. hint Tim hint :p
  14. Please elaborate.

    check out the corrals is just like a regular question and answer forum (like the 4.6 section) ours is more like you make an add then someone will email you. You have no way of knowing who they are or where they saw your stuff for sale unless they tell you. Its much better when it is in Q&A forum style so everyone sees the questions being asked and a direct back and forth dialog can be established...also a simple rating sysytem can be made.
    Most go the the Corral strictly for the classifieds....make SN's better :nice: and you'll get more traffic.
  16. Noted. I will bring this up at the next SN Senate session. :flag:
  17. are you taking a summer recess also?
  18. I consider Stangnet to be the best mustang web site
    out of all of them! :nice:
  19. Except when we have threads about "Post your Hood" (doesn't say anything about comments mind you...

    Other than that sillyness (Which doesn't bother me one bit) this place has changed for the better since I signed up a lil' while ago :)

    I'm coming over for that beer Gary!
  20. :SNSign: is great. I have learned a lot from you fools and anytime I get 'stuck' and can't figure something out ... 99% of the time, someone here helps me out.

    FWIW, I also like the 'maturity factor' of these forums. I think it's cool that even if someone asks a question that the search function :)rolleyes: ) would easily answer, generally nobody bashes or flames the person. I got E-respect for stangnet.

    Most members here actually give a crap about helping you out or want to learn. Some members are super helpful, for example: I posted a question regarding automatic transmission fluid on another forum for my truck. Well, after like 2 weeks there is 1 reply that is something like "yeah i'd change the fluid". So, I sent a PM to a stangnet member and asked them my question ... got a response within an hour. :hail2: SVT :hail2:

    *pumps fist to chest twice*

    GDawg, I'm down for beers and car talk. (I'll bring some ladies ;)) :cheers: