You guys said accufab TB's dont whistle!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by willys1, Feb 15, 2004.

  1. I just put in my 65mm accufab,and it whistles!!! The only reason I went with this brand is because everyone on this site said it was the best and didnt whistle!! Other wise it runs great,but,,,,,aahhhh,,,,,,,,Owell !!
  2. That sucks, mine doesn't. Maby you should contact who you bought it from or Accufab itself. They might swap out for you. Don't confuse the air sucking sound and a wistle.
  3. Thats when it whistles!! Not at WOT,,but at half throttle
  4. I wish my TB whistled.

    Willys- Did you notice any more power? Did you feel a big improvemet? Just wondering.
  5. mine does the same thing!!! its suppose to be a 75mm throttle body, but i dont think it is... i know its not stock, and havent taken the time to go measure it yet....
  6. 75mm tb is too freaking big dude.
  7. Maybe a little,but not that much!!
  8. MIde didn't whistle until I put the cold air kit on it. Now it whistles a little but you can really hear it suck air in when I get on it.
  9. To be honest with ya,I should have waited till I got some real mods!! I love this 5.0,but,this stock motor is getting boring!!
  10. ya i know that the 75 is too big..... if funds are permitting im plannin on gettin an accufab 65 like was willys has.....
  11. whats with the problem with the whistling?? i think those things sound fockin cool when they are whining and sucking for all the air they can suck! mine toots when u tap the gas its great!
  12. **Well if you look at it like that,is does have a turbo sound....Nahhh,its pretty annoying.
  13. I'm pretty sure my 70mm Accufab doesn't whistle but i can't hear it over the exhaust and wind noise anyways
  14. Ford is the only throttlebody that I KNOW dosent whistle, accufab was the next best.

    I have a ford throttle body, over the cam, roller rockers, blower, and fans, I dont know if it whistles or not, but I dont think it does.
  15. No,,no,,no,,dont give me that crap,,from all the posts Ive read it was the other way around-Accufab #1///Ford TB-#2,,owell live and learn!
  16. That's exactly why I got the Accufab too. I have the 70mm and it does not whistle at all. Plus I put the Moroso CAI on. And after that it does have a high pitched air whine but only at WOT.normal cruise is no problem. But how long can you stay at normal cruise anyway? :)
  17. Guess I've been lucky, BBK 70mm with no whistle and BBK 75mm with no whistle. If it is whistling at idle try adjusting your throttle blade screw slightly.
  18. I've got a 70mm Edlebrock, if it whistles than maybe I just don't know what to listen for. I've never heard a whistle coming from under the hood. Had a 65mm Cobra TB before, didn't notice any new sounds when I switched to this one :shrug:
    If I listen real carefully in the summer with the windows down though, I can hear the air sucking into the ram vents in my hood when I take off easy :flame:
  19. Jeez I like me setup, sometimes it seems like I have a blower its sucks so loud
  20. It does it at half throttle,its very noticable.Im sure if you were standing outside you could hear it.It doesnt seem to be hurting anything,but it makes it sound cheap!!