You guys said accufab TB's dont whistle!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by willys1, Feb 15, 2004.

  1. It actually whistles?
  2. how the hell do you guys here sucking and whistling sounds over the exhaust and other noises?
  3. blah willy , just put your stock one back on and quit whinin, give me the accufab =)
  4. I like mine but mine is quite loud. I have no cats an Fcam and flows with dumps and I still here mine pretty Good. I think its cool though don't know why anyone is complaining.
  5. My Accufab 70 mm throttle body used to whistle when I first got it, but it stopped after about a week of driving. Yoiur whistle might go away too. :shrug:

  6. I need a 75 mm throttle body, and I have a 65 if You wanna trade and maybe some cash. Let me know what you think. Mine is just polished up by me so it looks new.
  7. LOL,,WHAO,,WHAO,,WHAO Indy!! Didnt mean to sound like Im whining,,but,,I guess your rite!! No!!! You cant have it :p
  8. Yup!! When my 8 year old daughters in the car she goes,,why does the engine whistle!!!
  9. **I got the stock h-pipe,and 3 chamber flows,I can hear if the engine pings!!
  10. That would be cool :nice:

  11. Well there's your probelm :p

    Get an o/r H and all your little noises will go away :nice:
  12. LOL,,,your rite! Im looking for a shop that will do it.(Put an o/r h-pipe on)
  13. I've had 4 different Accufabs and never had one whistle.... :shrug:
  14. I know a few places

  15. It's not really very hard to be honest. Not the easiest thing in the world but not tough either.
  16. willys, what kinda mass air meter u got? stock? try ripping teh screen out. or if u got a BBk cold air, i know my friends whistled. if u really are annoyed accufab ask excellent service, tell them its whistling and they will send uanother.
  17. fake supercharger too, if its loud enough :nice:
  18. I have a 75mm accufab throttle body, it has a whistle sound but that could be from my supercharger :)
  19. How much and is the honed one too big for strictly bolt on street stang?
  20. its being put on ebay soon, you can check it out there.. I've had too many people askin an then sayin yes then backin out.. I'll post the item # so you can check it out..
    But to answer your quesiton, its a great intake for the street.. I would through that puppy on a modded 302, not too sure about a stock 302, I think it would hurt ur low end too much IMO...