You guys see the new Pink: All out? Disgrace

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  1. :bang: Guy in a 97' Cobra w/ some type of s/c (sounded centri) got eliminated from the last eight by a turbo Honda CRX:nonono:
    Looks like he lost traction half way down the track and was pretty much avoiding the wall tho.

    Was the 10.5 sec class
  2. I dont even think pinks is racing with all this giving 5-6-20 cars to other people and all they do is **** about racing, and a bunch of crying..

  3. You obviously haven't seen the pinks all out.

    There isn't any giving cars away and they are all times. Cars have to run all out and they are timed during their time sessions. Then when Rich and the gang pick what ET class to run, you are timed again. When you race and if you break out, you lose the race. It keeps it more honest.
  4. yea i seen that, that cobra was bad
  5. Thats an old episode your talking about. Can't blame that guy tho, he lost traction pretty good from what i could tell and then there was no reason to wreck the car.

    I actually like All Out a lot, much better than the regular show which was entertaining, but garbage from a racing point of view.
  6. rather new at least, July 12th