You guys seen this ricer POS?

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by sgarlic, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. oh god please delete this post. im going to throw up
  2. That is the biggest POS I have ever seen. :puke: I'm surprised there isn't duct tape holding it together.
  3. ive seen some ghetto ass ****. i live right next to boston, so, i get to see all kinds of goofy crap when it comes to cars, and people who i wish never saw fast and the furious, but that might be the WORST thing ive ever seen. even the damn Ebrake handle and lever is mint green. i know if i was the body guy, id defeinitely say, you want me to do WHAT EXACTLY????

    i agree with making it alteast somewhat picture worthy. i thought the same thing. it takes 5 minutes to clean the garbage out of the front and trunk, and a few more minutes to maybe vacuum.

    if i had was old enough to have a son, and he came home with a mustang, id be proud. if one day, he came back from the bodyshop with that, id kill him.
  4. The sad part is, he probably gets lots of chicks..
  5. yea he would...thats the sucky part. lmfao at it though!
  6. ive been gizoogling all evening thanks to you lmao
  7. holy crap:eek:
  8. Whats does salvage title mean?
  9. nobody should even salvage that pos hahahaha
  10. Means Its been Wrizzecked!!!
  11. As per the CARFAX glossary of terms:

    Optimistically I see it having a salvage title because:
    A)Some stole it, with the sole purpose of
    B)damaging it to the extent that the cost of repairing the vehicle exceeds ~ 75% of its pre-damage value, which in this case is only about $15.
  12. Not that I agree with this at all but: It would be much better if there wasn't random chunks falling off everywhere (at the bottom of the trunk lid really got my attention) It's oil pressure is also through the roof (it's almost pinned)

    Rediculous waste of money...
    Didn't even take the time to clean it....

    And to think there are people that want that.. I'm done here...
  13. ""
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  14. I finally read all his idiotic eBay description. If I was his neighbor I'd back into that ugly azz car too. Just looking at this guys feedback lets me know he is scumbag. What is in the passenger side footwell? In Image 1 pics. I thought it was a used rubber at first.
  15. thats not to far from me, i should do a mercy fire bombing...
  16. omg, if any of you hizzave myspizzace you have to gizoogle it. funniest thing EVER