You guys tell me whats wrong with my pony...

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  1. Hey all!
    My pony is acting up! She was trying to stall out(but has not actually stalled out)when I first cranked her up in the morning(she does ok for the rest of the day). One particular morning I started her up then proceeded to drop the conv. top and the engine shuddered violently.
    Also at idle she will drop RPMs. The car will normally idle at what looks like 800 but after she sits a minute or so at a light she'll drop to say 600 or 650 and just hold steady. Performance is not affected at all, just idle.
    I changed out the IAC motor yesterday, now when I start the car the RPMs soar to 1800 then fall back down to say 800.
    I have smelled fuel like she is running rich, I'm thinking I have a bad fuel pressure regulator.
    Let me know what you all think. Thanks!

    Turbo motor progress:
    So far I have a very nice bare oval port head and a brand new Ford distributor. I have hit a snag in obtaining a large journal block though and until I get my hands on a block the project is on hold. :(
  2. Check the TPS, that sounds alot like what happens to me :)
  3. Well I changed out the TP sensor and no real improvement(thanks though for the response Christmas GT).
    Anyone one else have any ideas/suggestions?
  4. Mine does that on the more humid days. Other than that though it runs great. Try getting a air/fuel gage, and se what your runnin for nubers.
  5. Hows the over all state of tune on your pony?
  6. To Christmas:
    I can't set the TPS, the sensor is made to go on only one way, the sensor casing has crescents into which the panhead screws go and there is no play. I think this is an improvement over the older model(mine is a '93). Thanks for the help and for lookin' out dude!

    To 16v:
    I've considered a n A/F guage in the past. maybe now is the time to get one!! Thanks dude!

    To James:
    I gave her a tuneup on one of the warm days last winter. New single electrode BOSCH plats and MSD 8.5mm plug wires. New 02 sensor with exhaust(in december). One thing I am wondering is that since my header is JET-HOT coated will my 02 sensor suffer a shorter life(much more heat thrown at it)? It is a good BOSCH unit, but still? New air filters on a regular basis(maybe too often, 'bout every 5 months, just put another one on last week).Thanks James!

    She still is running good, and the problem is at its worst in the morning at first start up. Do you guys think I could have fuel pooling/puddling in my chambers? Bad injectors?
    I put a container of STP Fuel injector cleaner along with a tank of 93 in ; still got 'bout a half tank to go on that... :shrug:
  7. Good idea with the fuel injector cleaner, that could help the problem a bit.

    When you say you cleaned out your IAC, did you clean it out just by spraying some carb cleaner in there and swishing it around or did you actually take a little brush and really clean it out in there. I had been having idle problems with my pony for a long time (years), I cleaned my IAC regularly but only by spraying in some carb cleaner and swishing it around and blowing it out with my mouth. This never really seemed to do anything. Then, one Sunday afternoon when I was really bored and had nothing to do I figured I'd really have a go at this. So I sprayed in some carb cleaner, took a little tooth brush and really scrubbed everything out in there, then I blew it out with compressed air. That seemed to really rectify the problem and it has been idling like glass ever since. So, give that a shot.

    Also, when was the last time you tried doing just a base idle/computer reset? In the past that has seemed to help me as well.
  8. James, I actually changed out IAC to a new unit.
    How do you do a base idle/computer reset? Is this just a matter of removing the neg. battery cable for a few minutes then reattaching?
  9. A base idle reset tech article can be found on the above link posted or on stingers misc. tech articles page.
  10. James, finally tried the base idle reset today(I waited a long time, I know). It seems to have done the trick, at least with the car just idling in front of the driveway. I will road test her more to make sure. Thanks for the tip! Thanks again to all who responded.
  11. Maybe not...the idle still drops by 150 to 200 rpm when the car sits for a moment. I have noticed a high pitched noise that stops when the rpms drop. Tell me, could a failing power steering pump put a drag on the engine at idle, or even an alternator where the bearing are shot?

    Again the car runs great, this is just a strange idle...
  12. Hu have you taken the blet off and checkin to see if the alt or the power stearing pump has some excess drag. I had a buick century(That car was the devil!)that was having Idle problems beacuse of a bad alt. Anyways hope you get your stang running back to normal:)
  13. Yeah, I think I am going to get another alternator, I can hear the bearing on it making noise...
  14. Changed the alternator yesterday and no change.
    C'mon guys why would the car surge rpms at startup then settle down and idle normally, the lose about 150 rpms while sittinng at a light for instance, but still run like a champ?