you guys that HATE the '00 R hoods....

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  1. nice pics and car :nice: . I like 213 or 215.
  2. thanks man :)
    13 and 23 are my fav so far
  3. The front bumper looks like it's flexing. Is this something that'll cure itself over time?
  4. you hood has a nipple man: 239
  5. I like it, but for the love of god, clean them exhaust tips man!!
  6. Nice, but I don't like the bumper.
  7. Nice looking car. Who made the hood? I picked up the same hood by Niche performance and just got it back from getting painted. It's not a perfect fit but I can live with it. It has a removable panel underneath to make it a true heat extractor hood.
  8. although, Stalker bumper is my least fevoret, it goes well with Y2KR hood..
  9. Very nice! What BOV is that?! And what FMIC are you running?
  10. hood is a cervini's.

    teh bumper i have to mess with a little. its not supposed to be like that. loosk REALLY bad in those pics!!

    40th GT: i have to play with it a bit - looks really bad in those pics :(
    bullitt2620: with what? they dont seem to want to coem clean :(
    cobrared96GT: i like the nipple......
    san~man: yeah? well i dont liek you!!!!!! :) to each his own man. thanks for lookin
    saleen556: hood & bumper are cervinis.
    mity2: i have always loved the stalker, and the R hood, when i saw them together, i fell in love :)
    ambo: ebay FMIC with ebay tubing - all custom. vortech masflwo bypass valve. i had an HKS SSQV immitation valve but it didnt flow near enough air and i had all kinds of stalling/surging/buckign issues with it. now i jstu need my AFM PP modded to have the same size inlet as the maxflows outlet (BIG)
  11. my first thought was wow mustang rays car turned out nice.
  12. lol, mine wont have that body kit nor is it that color.
  13. Very nice, I love that color.
  14. OVER ALL .............VER NICE, i love the color, Get some pics of the gauges inside lit up, Nice and close with the background all fuzzy..ya that would look great...

    What is the future to hold ??? And what HP/TRQ you putting down??
  15. Never mind about the hp....I SEE you sig
  16. looks good....since its mostly a mach hood with no shaker hehe