you guys underestimate these cars

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  1. hey im 15 and looking for a car and came up to do a conversion from a 4 cyl to 8 cyl. So today i went looking around and drove 4 differnet ones and found the car i want and i dont see how there extremely slow. Ive had people tell me it can barely out run a bus i dont agree. I had fun driving it around it was just like the 5.0 i drove except the V8 power lol. ive decided on a 1990lx 5 speed 4cyl best interior ive ever seen and great condition just needs a new battery but thats included with the price of 1800 out the door at a dealer. oh well im happy with it and you'll probably be seeing me alot more on these forums

  2. Welcome and glad to hear that you bought a SlowStang, In time you will see and will get the turbo convert itch.
  3. nah im pretty solid with the 5.0 the two swaps are same difficulty ive heard and i love myself a 5.0
  4. You actually have to make alot more changes if your going from 4 cylinder to V8 than if you go from 4 cylinder to turbo 4 cylinder.
  5. eh no biggy , i got a 3000 dollar budget and 7 months i think ill be able to do it
  6. Boo! Oh well, have fun filling that 5.0 up with gas. :p
  7. 1800 seems a little high for a 1990, but it could very on the area too. I got my Near perfect 92 hatch for 1200 with 101K


  8. Take your $3000 and go to the 5.0L forum. I mean seriously, have you nothing better to do than brag on an online forum? I mean, I have a project going, but I'm not trying to rub everyone's face in how much bank I got for it.
    At least you can use your age for an excuse, though a little modesty could do you good. Whose money is that anyway? :shrug:
  9. nah its straight it has 48 000 original miles not a flaw with the car perfect, only reason y im paying this much. I personally think its worth it but ud have to drive it and be in it to know what i mean its the cleanest mustang ive ever been in , but mustangs are pretty common in my area. I'm buying it off a dealer another reason y the price is so high

    yeah only bad thing bout a 5.0 is the gas
  10. I wasnt trying to brag?, its my money chill dude i aint braggin about nothin im on this forum cuz u guys know this car like the back of your hand and ill need help with things farther down the road. I enjoy the 4 cyl mustang i stated this thread saying u underestimate the car i enjoyed driving it and 3000 dollars in the bank isnt alot of money to work with considering what i got ahead of me, and using my age for excuse dude im 15 i work at great steak and potatoe in the mall 30 hours a week to do this, ur probably 30. saying these things to a 15 year old that is childish i didnt start this thread to brag just to introduce myself and get to know everybody, get off my back and dont talk until u know what the **** your saying idiot


  11. You sounded pretty mature until this last part.
    Anyway, don't sound off like that till you get out on your own, pay your own bills, have the expierince of working 70 hours in a week, and finish puberty.

    Anyhow, just making noise, keep up the good work, and don't kill yourself street-racing when you get your V-8. :D
  12. Welcome, glad to hear you found a fox u like. the 5 speed's arnt *that* slow...what you'll mostly read is the al4d auto's are slow (which they are). But looking at your exsperience in life , you cant say its fast just yet. I remember getting my liences at 16 i thought my car was pretty quick , at 19-20 i put nitrous on it,ported the head and put a roller cam with advanced timing...i thought i was really fast, now im 21 with nitrous and a turbo-swap with a few goodies and port work, my car is down right scary. Dont get me wrong, not saying you dont know anything, just saying as life goes...our point of view changes on pretty much everything. Happy stang'n!
  13. Welcome:)

    Ok with that out of the way I'm taking a guess that you had 4800.00 to start with since you got 3k in the bank and spent 1800.00 on the car. Now I'm a hair lost :scratch: on this whole deal on swaping in a 5.0L :shrug: I've seen 5.0Ls fox body cars sell for as little as 2100.00 I mean you could already be driving a V8 :scratch: Lets say you like the challange of building a car etc...why waste money buying a good running car when all you are going to do is junk the motor? Why not save your save a grand and buy a 2.3L Fox body with a blown motor etc for 500.00 :shrug: Heck 4800.00 could probly buy a first generation SN95 GT now days :D
  14. Pro-Hawk has a point. You are going the Extreme long route man with a begining of 4800 you could have had a turbo charged 2.3 or a 5.0 to begin with.

    Please will you all remind me of this thread if I do something bonehead like this?
  15. Save yourself A WHOLE LOT OF WORK, buy the 5.0 from the beginning, unless you are the master of swapping motors. Trust me on this
  16. nah the 5.0 cars for 2100 around me are a huge piece of **** with a 170 000 miles ugly red interiors, Gt, auto, the list goes on id rather do a car myself rebuild a good motor and im buying a donor car arready. I have the car so to late now. I got a father who is a mechanic and a stepdad who is a electrician, and im a novice mechanic

    donor car is a 1990 GT with everything including a engine with 120 000 miles

    should i use the same block ? i dont know if i should just buy a new stock one or what. Im aware of what I need for the project and I bought the car intending on doing this with it.

    believe me once all said and done its gona be better then a regular Gt I coulda bought for the money I put into it
  17. Don't knock the guy for wanting a 5.0 it's probably more straightforward if you just want a carb'd engine anyway :p

    And notched, I don't have fun filling up at 18 miles gallon :p