You guys want more airflow for your motor to get more Horsepower? Get in HERE Then!!!

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by GM Dude, Dec 9, 2004.

  1. I thought about the most awesome and elaborate idea, unsure if it would truly work or not.... If it does work, it could work on any fuel injected engine out there that needs more air. It's probably been done already, but if it can be done cheaply, then we will have an awesome mod, if we have ported heads, different, cam, headers, bigger fuel injectors,etc. If my idea does work, it'll probably net 100 + hp on built 3.8's. Ok, Ok, Enough of the suspense....

    6 seperate throttle bodies, one throttle body for each cylinder, and 6 different intake plenums. So in effect, what I'm saying, there will be one intake for each cylinder, and none of the intakes will be connected together, other than maybe vaccume lines to keep the pressure for the brakes, etc. EGR would have to be dead, you definately would have to have ported heads, a different cam, larger fuel injectors, long tube headers, and bigger fuel pump, but I think my idea would work 100%, and it would keep the motor completely naturally aspirated, no forced induction whatsoever (if you chose). The throttle bodies would be hooked up, three to a side to a massive air intake near the radiator maybe? Then also, you would have to have all 6 throttle bodies hooked up equally with the throttle cable, and only one would have a throttle position sensor so it doesn't throw the computer off.

    Would it work? :shrug: :D
  2. What would the point be? Besides increased weight and complexity. How would it make that much more power without forced induction?

    I saw a picture the other day of a custom motorcycle in Germany that was powered by 24 chainsaw engines. I suppose it answers the question "what if", and allows the builder to demonstrate their skill, but it is not practical.
  3. I don't think it would work.

    Basically in order to get six TB's to operate, would take an inordinate amount of engineering and an elaborate control system. Six MAF's would also need some sort of brain box to control all six of them.

    Having six different airways would pose its own problem in that the airflow to each of the cylinders would not be consistent. This would cause a stoppage of airflow to each cylinder every time the cylinder is in exhaust mode. Pulling back in stopped air would cause a loss in power due to the amount of force required to draw in each breath of air.

    The amount of machining involved in replacing the upper and/or lower intakes with individual custom-fitted intakes would be cost prohibited.

    In essence, the fact that a naturally aspirated motor like our 3.8's really can only benefit from a maximum-sized mass air and throttle bodies that going any bigger really doesn't do anything when you go beyond that threshold but create a lot of unresponsiveness in the throttle.

    There was a discussion here some years back about putting a leaf blower in your intake instead, and a string from the trigger in through your window. That would probably be more beneficial, and cheaper!

    That's just my two cents though. :shrug:
  4. GM Dude, you're crazy :D

    But nice try though :p
  5. :rlaugh: It SOUNDS easy enough doesn't it? No, it wouldn't work
  6. Yea, I know I'm crazy. I tried.
  7. I don't think it will work.
  8. you would probably totaly kill performance of the car
  9. It will work and it has been done before on other engines.

    Its more of a complexity issue VS reward issue.

    What would be the net gain for the man hours and cost to custom fab everything?
  10. it does work, ever heard of indiidual throttle bodies?

    some cars cna be converted to it, adds a lot more air and throttle response.
  11. I'm curious, do any of those engines in the links even have air filters?
  12. Everyone I've seen is Race only so no filters required. =)

    You could adapt an airbox to it and run a filter if needed.

  13. Nah. I'd rather see six K&N filters sticking through my hood instead! :nice:
  14. LOL :rlaugh: Intimidating isnt it! (not)
    yeah! bring back the big hood scoops (mach 1) feeding to those 'individual throttle bodies' lol