Roush You guys want to RACE??SHOW? here it is!! Indy May '07 Join us!

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  1. I should be there to show off all the new bling at the car show :D So can I pre-register online?
  2. You sure may!! Toss your blingage up there! can't wait to see it!:nice: :nice:
  3. [​IMG]

    Done :banana: There's the pic I uploaded to the site. Is there a list of all the cars that are registered already on the website somewhere?
  4. Racers chosen will be up soon, Not sure if we are posting the carshow guys or not. Could be too many cars!! VERY NICE CAR!!!
  5. To those interested: Carshow is $15 in advance and $20 at the door. There are TONS of trophies/prizes/goodies to be handed out to you guys doing the carshow!
    Those just wanting to come out and watch, $10 at the gate, kids under 10 FREE. See you May 12th, gates open at 9AM, RACING starts at 10AM. Carshow and Racing Itinerary up soon
  6. The website said I had to pay $20 when I signed up for the car show. I don't mind though since it's for a good cause :)
  7. :hail2: It is for a good cause, but you don't pay the higher price because our webguy didn't list the price we told him to. A few paid the 20, when it should be 15. Contact Michaelbenz and get your 5 beans back! You can drop off the extra at the event if you want. Fair is fair!:flag: :flag:
  8. Looks like he contacted me :eek:

    Message From Seller:
    Refund of car show payment in order to clear account. Michael Benz

    Original Payment Details

    Date Payment Sent: Mar. 14, 2007

    Amount: $20.00 USD


    He refunded the whole $20. So do I just pay at the gate now? :shrug: doh

  9. No, you can preregister again soon. Fair is Fair! The price should have been $15 in advance, and $20 at the gate. We noticed the error after a few people registered at the higher rate. We apologize:hail2:
  10. Field is set!! The drag cars are there also (you can still get in that part), and TUNER SHOP cars are NOT LISTED YET! Enjoy: pm me on site if you want in on the drags! dir=asc

    If link doesnt work, go to the site, and click link above the white acrua, for a photo lineup of the teams!!

    Amount of $2.23 stays in the account. (Got to leave something in there.) :lol: :lol: :lol: Great job guys! I want to personally thank everyone, including Mike at ORP, ALL sponsors/Vendors, racers, people behind the scenes, Mikey/Brian/Dale and all the volunteers. Without all you have done, we wouldn't have been able to do this, nor raise so much for the kids! Lets triple it for next year!


    WW0: (Carshow only) $290 raised for indegent kids to buy them Christmas gifts.

    WWI: Mt. Comfort airport: $1900-ish

    WWII: Anderson Airport: $5000-ish

    WWIII: O'Reilly Raceway Park $15,288.00

    So............. $22,478 was raised since we started this endeavor. Not too bad, and it is making a difference in the kids' lives. My/our alternative would be to sit on the sideline and do nothing- life is too short for doing that! I say $50K at least next year! Who agrees with me?

    That check will be presented to the Cheer Guild Tomorrow at their Luncheon. I am sure they will come on here and comment. :thumbup: :thumbup:

    The trend is going UP, so that is a great growth curve, and shows we are on the right path to success. Again, thanks to all. :headbang :headbang