You Guys were right!!!! I shoulda got hood pins!! I NEED HELP QUICK!!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Kdubslugga, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. Well, i was just out crusin for the 1st time this year, and i was goin about 30 - 35 mph and bam my hood flew up!! Luckily no damage to the hood or winshield but the Cowl section is bent up real bad! Is there anything i can do to fix this??? im not one to curse but this ****ing sucks @$$!!!
  2. get hood pins and take the hood to a body shop and have them fix it?
  3. that sux real bad but now would be a good excuse to buy a new hood
  4. the hood isnt messed up, it crushed the plastic cowl grill thing and the metal around that is bent real bad. My cousin works for a place called Dent Wizard, i hope he can get it out! Im pissed and glad at the same time. brand new hood and paint job like 1 month ago but i know it coulda been a lot worse
  5. It was a new hood you idiot!! Just get another plastic piece from a junkyard, and have him remove the dents for you.
  6. Better to be safe rather than sorry. Go ahead and get the pins and learn from your mistake. I'm sure your cuz at Dent Wizard can fix it... and you can find a cowl at a junk yard in good shape, and just spraypaint it.
  7. hmm...don't the stock hoods come with safty latches?...did you transfer the stock safty latch to your new hood? that does suck but it also makes me think I should get some pins even though I do have the safety latches...
  8. This happened to my buddy before...he thought the same thing...that he didnt need hood pins......

    if you have an aftermarket hood, please get hood pins...not only does it look good, but it will stop this from happening.....

    Anyways....a body shop fixed it no problem
  9. You got lucky, in my old grand am p.o.s. the hood came up and hit my windshield and shattered the whole thing horribly!!
  10. Ok now i'm scared. I think i'm gonna get me some hood pins. What kinda pins do u guys use? I want ones that aren't too obvious and look good. Also, do they all have those metal wires coming out, cuz i don't think that looks good at all.
  11. That happened to me last summer but I had it even worse. MY hinges cracked off the fiberglass area on the hood. I had to rig up some metal hinges. Yup, my cowl is bent all up. My plastic cowl got cracked.....So dont feel that bad.

    Also, I got a extra black cowel I can have shipped to you for $25.00 email me at [email protected]

  12. I got the Mr. Gasket ones, I am not real impressed with the quality. I would try the alum. ones they sell at Jegs if I had it to do over. The small ones with the locks are meant to deter theft of whats under your hood. They are not designed as safety pins. Sorry, if you want to be safe, you will have to get some big ugly ones. I have a stock hood, but my car has been wrecked in the front and I dont trust the latch. I think they look a bit silly on a street car, but I have had a hood fly up before, its not any fun. Sorry about your luck. Mine only destroyed the hood, but it was a '66 Ranchero. I loved that thing, and wish I had not sold it. :nonono:
  13. i just wonder how you see these cars doin over 100 mph at the track and in the mags and not many of them have pins at all??? i guess luck right? :shrug:
  14. My stock one came up with the safety latch installed. It ripped right through the part the holds the latch in. All mustangs should come with pins list like the mach 1
  15. well, i went to Summit and got some pins today. 1 day to late!!! My cuz came over and the dents were pretty bad, but he thinks he can get it to look pretty good! I cant believe it just flew up! It was really warm and breezy today so i guess that had to do with it, cause i always check my hood to see if its latched! Scary thing is a i had it on the Highway like a month earlier, taking it home from the paint shop! Man im glad i didnt have that happen on the highway!! Hey gruvee87 thanks for the offer but my cuz has a 91 GT and has an extra one! I do appreciate the offer though!! Needless to say i learned my lesson on this one the hard way! If ya got a fiberglass hood, get the pins!!!
  16. I think the Ford Motorsport ones look really nice - too bad they're $35
  17. wow sorry to hear that man. :-(
  18. i'd rather spend $35 on hood pins and avoid like $1500+ in damages anyday. oh wait i already bought the pins :)
  19. I don't understand how you guys have your hoods fly up.. Do stock hoods have this problem?? NO!! If you take the time to actually install it correctly you shouldn't have that problem.. You have to transfer the factory latch over and make sure everything lines up.. I have had the Cervini's ram air hood on my GT since I bought it over 5 years ago and My car has seen 140+ ( well over 140 on my speedo ) And i have never had any where near a problem. There have been a dozen or so times I haven't latched my hood all the way or closed it softly and forgot and it popped up but the safety hook is there for that reason.. Guys do yourself a favor and install your hoods right! the cowl area is a pain to fix
  20. Stock hoods dont fly up because they weigh 50 lbs more!! not because we dont know how to install our hoods!