You guys with c4's come in! please

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 89blkgt, May 9, 2005.

  1. hey guys,
    I just swapped out my aod for a dynamic c4. After all said and done i put my drive shaft in and it seems to be about 2 inches two short. The driveshaft yoke only goes in the tailshaft about 3/4 of the way. I know the c4 is a bit shorter then the aod. My main question is what driveshaft did you guys see to work best? did you guys have to get something fabed, or is there a shaft that will fill my gap? Anyhelp will be awsome
    thanks alot
  2. I am running an FRPP aluminum driveshaft with no problems.
  3. Same here. No problems.
  4. I also run the FRPP aluminum on my car with a C-4. It definitely doesn't go into the tailshaft as much as when I was running a T-5 and initially I was a little concerned. But, I've been running the car down the track like this for almost 3 years without a single problem. If you're concerned you could always get a custom driveshaft from Strange or Denny's Driveshaft.
  5. wow....Im still running the stock driveshaft. It works perfectly fine with mine. I thought i was gona have to swap it out but its exactly how it was with the AOD. :banana: i guess i got lucky?
  6. My stock T5 driveshaft works great with the C4, even running it down the track with no problems.
  7. wow. i dunno then cause it seems to me the drive shaft yoke is not in nearly enough in the tranny to not worry about i seeem to get vibration
  8. Like I said, if you're concerned call someone like Strange or Denny's driveshaft and get a quote on a custom driveshaft. It won't be cheap though.
  9. I forget who makes em but they have a driveshaft spacer for your application, try 5.0 restore I think.