You guys with the autometer clock pod come in!

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  1. Well i got one for christmas.. I have a couple questions. Did anyone paint it to better match the color of our interiors? I also got the autometer gauge bezel and its color/texture is perfect. I dont see y they wouldnt do it for the clock pod as well :shrug:

    Next question.. The wiring for the clock.. Which wire is a hot and start, and which one is on when the lights are on.. I figure it will be easiest to tap into it. I noticed two of the wires have wire nuts on them, so im guessing the guy who had the car before me tapped into it. But i still dont know which one does what.

    Thanks for help guys :flag:
  2. I'm subscribing, have had my clock pod for almost a year and haven't tried to put it on yet.
  3. i know someone has a clock pod out there!
  4. It's been so long I don't remember. Use a test light to find key on power. I didn't paint mine because it matches my dash anyway. I also can swivel mine from right to left.

  5. I would do the test light, but i dont have a batt in the car, never mind much of anything else.. Maybe the haynes manual will say, ill check that out.

    Your clock pod has a totaly diff texture then mine, i think i got shafted.. Mine is just flat black, no texture what so ever. :mad:
  6. Yea I got the Auto Meter one. I've never seen the smooth one before.
  7. I have A Saleen dash pod and it is leather or what they call pleather. It matches my dash prefect.
    I wired mine to the power wire from the clock and the light for the clock to the lights for the gauges so they work with the dash lights they even dim with the dash lights.
    You can look in your book and find the wire color code (I think it is red look in Chiltons page 6-43). Then disengage the locking tabs and push the wire out the back and splice in that wire. I will look at mine later if no one else knows.
    I always use a tester so I don't screw up. But you don't have a battery in your car. :shrug:
  8. [​IMG]

    I did NOT wire mine. If you find the light that lights up the ashtray, that works well..
    1. you dont really need that light anyway.
    2. it's on a dimmer
    3. it is readily accessible.

    I actually wired from the A-pillar gauges all the way across the dash to that spot, because at the time, It was the simplest wire to use.


    Joe, I need some white-faced dash gauges. Can you hook me up?
  9. Thanks for info.. The batt is out cause im relocating it to the trunk but ive been real lazy and havent got it done yet..

    Ill have to post a pic of the one i have so you guys can see the difference in texture.. It IS an autometer one.
  10. here is another pic [​IMG] Blends in nicely.
  11. Hey Jesse,

    Black = ground
    Light green/yellow = +12V constant
    White/pink = +12V in acc or run
    Light blue/red = instrument illum. (0-12V for dimming)
    Brown = +12V when exterior lamps are on

    I don't know anything about the texture/finish, but ford racing also makes one of these gauge holders (M-17655-M201 - $34.95 suggested retail - FRPP catalog page 83). Perhaps it has a more OEM finish. You could always ebay the autometer pod...

  12. Thanks rick! thats exactly what i was looking for :hail2:
  13. Hey RC, if and when you get your white face dash gauges, it would be greatly appreciated if you would take pictures during the install. I know theres other instructions out there on how to do it, but i would like to see someone that i actually could trust do it and hear their experiences. Again, only if you have time and whenever you get around to do it. thanks alot.


    edit: sorry for the :OT:...back to it guys